Unicorn's reviews (closed to catch up)

Here’s your review, @Aims1141 hope I was helpful x

  • The description is really good and I want to read the story now!
  • You don’t need to talk to the reader about the customisation or thanking them for reading, they just want to read the story.
  • The first few sentences “7 days until I die” :no_mouth: I want to know why! :smiley:
  • Soo good so far.
  • This is not your first episode right? It’s really interesting… In a good way.
  • Wow you are an evil author, why would you give me a choice like that? I thought I did something wrong but no… You locked it :sob:
  • Timed choice yay!
  • Wow she’s a badass.
  • This directing is great.
  • The plot is really intriguing and it’s really funny as well
  • Overall there are a few directing mistakes but he plot is great and the characters seem to have a lot of personality, I would want to read the next chapter but you might want something to do with the plot happen. xx
    This story is a 9/10
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