Unintentionally Skipping Animation

YOU (talk_excited_happy)
&YOU is talk_apathetic THEN YOU is talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop
It’s been a long time since we had a girls’ night.

It skips the first animation and does the second.

Try adding a pause like this:
&YOU is talk_apathetic THEN pause for S THEN YOU is talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop

*Replace S with a number (in seconds)

I can’t test it atm-not logged into the Portal lol (by using the & command, it happens at the same time as the other one, it ends up cancelling out one of them-hope this makes sense)

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Thank you. I didn’t know you could pause with another line of code.

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I just tested your exact coding and it’s working. Try refreshing the page or restarting the episode.

Weird, I tested it in two different episodes and it skipped in both, but I’ll try that.

OK, finally got my freezy glitchy computer to work and yep it worked for me as well. Try testing on both the Portal and mobile (they will sometimes give u different results), I’d go with mobile. If it doesn’t work, then throw in a pause so you’re confident that your scene will go smoothly.

Good luck :heart:

Last thing. Different animations have slightly different placements. Is there a way to prevent the character moving or will I have to spot it?

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