Unique LI Characters

Hey guys, so can I see your LI? I promise I’m just curious because a LOT of the LI in the stories I follow look the same with minor detail changes.


Idk if this is original, necessarily but this is my Li (the stories not out yet):

character card by @/hannahfriend

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I have some unique LI but I want it to be a surprise so I don’t think I can share it rn, I’m so sorry!

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Ever heard of Twin werewolves who are both Bisexual? Yeah, that’s them :shushing_face:

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Mine aren’t the most unique but they are pretty attractive :smirk:



Interesting… Here is mine. I find this intruiging. Hopefully mine isn’t too basic.

Character Card

Here’s my LI.

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Here’s my LI she a vampire in my up coming story

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These two aren’t love interests, but still unique characters who are important to the story :blush:

Can I also take a second to say how sad it makes me that a POC love interests/main characters are “unique” and rare? And it’s even rarer to see one properly represented, so when I say “POC” I mean real POCs, not white girls with dark skin. Both of these characters are based on black friends I have (they helped me customize these characters). They have dark brown eyes with, as my friends like to call it, the “black girl 'fro.” Just like, as authors I think some of need to get better about real representation :slight_smile:


I have two love interests in my story (M/F versions of each). I feel like they’re decently unique just because there are, unfortunately, almost no Black love interests and because ginger love interests aren’t common as well… idk maybe i’m just rooting my own horn at this point

LI 1

LI 2

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His bio:

I have multiple LIs for my first story (that I am currently revamping), The Depths of Newport.

Claire Beauregard - "The Mean Girl"

Liam Price - "The Golden Boy"

Dylan Silva - "The Bad Boy/Girl"

This is the LI of my second story, Killer Love.

Jia Wang - "The Bloodthirsty Assassin"

And this is the LI of my most recent story, Glamour.

Evelyn Neptune - "Hollywood's Timeless Beauty"

She’s a 32 year old Filipino-American Actress in the story, which takes place during the late 1940s-1950s.

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