Unique Stories //

Please list down some unique stories. No disrespect, but please don’t leave suggestions like ‘Chain Reaction’ because I honestly don’t find those type of stories appealing .



Do you have a genre preference?

Telvoikai by Vaena
Spotlight: Borderline by Echo Dunkelstrom
Wanderlust Academy by Mavis Rosebrook
A Wildfire by Cub Fazley (Comedy. I really like how it’s done in a sitcom style)

I will update this when I think of more :slight_smile:


Genre: Gay/Romance
Style: INK
Summary: Justin is secretly gay but when the hot new guy from CALI comes along can he keep his secret and hide his feelings for the new guy who’s straight maybe.

I’m always screaming about the same five authors but they’re so so worth the read!

In no particular order:

Love, Dahlia - by Kay Elle
Matchmaker, Matchmaker - by Layla Vex
The B-Team - by MeMyselfAndI
The Baddest Bad Boy That Ever Bad Boy’ed - also by MeMyselfAndI
The Revival - by TORIAH
Maledicta Magick - by Layla Vex
The Frontier - by Kay Elle
The Ruby Tiara - by Wincy W
The Tale Makers - by Eleanor & Janna
Bye Bye Bad Boy - by Katpphic

Stories I’m not caught up on but are super great so far:

Destiny Dispatcher - by Echo Dunkelstrom
Zezzy Montero Takes On THE WORLD - by TORIAH
Astronomy Gossip - by Echo Dunkelstrom
Eclipsis - by Victoria Masina

All time greats that have been abandoned…? :frowning:

Masquerade - by Cate
Rocket Science - by Katie S
Realm - by Em Wilson
The Yearless - by Kay Elle (I’m unsure of this one’s status, as it’s had a single chapter only for some time? still a great one)

Random smatterings of art styles/genres/love interests I know but these have all my love and moooore :slight_smile:


Crazy News !

Music in our hearts

I’m reading Bye Bye Bad Boy right now, it’s really fun

I think I have the exact same taste as you. Those are amazing suggestions!

I came across it recently and it’s great and funny and the kind of romantic comedy I wish were around more on Episode. :grinning:

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Thank you, thank you, I’m glad you enjoy them as well; I could go on about them for forever if I could! They’re such worthwhile reads, buried under all the trending stories. :sleepy:

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Speak by J.Miley
The Ruby Tiara by Wincy W.
Moonlit Feathers by Wincy W.
Embers of Time by M. Jordan


Envy by Cindy (I forgot her last name)