Unique Story idea plss

I´m think about writng a new story but does anyone have unique story idea?

2.I also want a unexpected plot


Here are some Ideas.
The Princess and her Farmer
Unwanted in love
Lovers or Friends?
One day maybe be more
Searched wining

Yeah that’s all.

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You could try a Christmas story I don’t see much of those.


Oh yea but my brain is dead i can´t think of anything :skull:

Hm… I can’t really give you an idea but I can help you come up with one! A few simple questions and you’ll have a basic plot! Can I Pm you?

Sure :hugs:

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Ok so this was my story idea but I decided not to do it and do something else it’s was about a girl and a guy not getting along and they go to a who’s party in they up under a mistletoe and they have to kiss and go on from there. I was going to call it Under the Mistletoe or something like that idk :joy:

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That sounds soo cutee

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