Unknown Animation SPOILER ALERT

I just read My First Everything, which was a pretty good read. So don’t read the rest of this if you don’t want plot SPOILERS anything else

There’s a scene where Amanda the main antagonist gets jealous/angry and then uses scissors to cut the MC’s swimsuit leaving her naked. The pose below is what I would expect from someone who was unexpectedly exposed in public, but I can’t seem to find a pose/animation that matches it.

Was this created with overlays? Or are there animations only available to Official accounts?

Hmmm… I don’t know for sure, but Gem story’s have some animations, clothes and features that un-paid stry’s have not… I think this is one

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How does that work exactly? Do you have to include Gem choices in your stories to unlock those animations, clothing and whatnot?

I know you have to get a certain number of reads in order to get PAID. I’m not interested in getting money per se. I’m just looking to create stories.

Yes, well I’m trying to make a gem story too but it isn’t easy.
First you’ll have to input gem choices and a lot of other choices in 1 chapter, then you’ll have to be noticed by the comunity so they’ll support you. Otherwise the gems won’t work.

There are a whole bunch of rules your story may, may not include so make sure you read those. (writerw portal)

And when episode supporters your story, they’ll make you a cover and give you the etra features…

Only when then you’ll get extra things…

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Got it, thanks

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