Unknown Error? Help! (SOLVED)

Okay, so I was using a hair and lip template by @dara.amarie.ep and all of a sudden an unexpected error came up. download%20(5)
Using Limelight if that even matters.
(Oh btw, they’re saying that there is no hair called “Afro”

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@PlatinumBarbie that happens to me all the time I use @Dara.Amarie’s character template.

Did you use the template only once during the Episode? Also, her templates were updated.

Yes, I did.

Okay, how did you fix the issue?

If you used the same template more than once in one episode then most likely, you have duplicate labels :thinking:

However, you used it only once right?


That error only pops up when the system does not recognize the character name. You either misspelled “ANATASIA” or you have not created that character yet.

What do you mean because I don’t have a character named “ANASTASIA”?

Is your character name ANATASIA or ANASTASIA? And is that character on the list of characters to the right of the script?

Sorry, @Dara.Amarie I’m not the one who created this post.

Then why did you reply to me? Lol

Sorry, I thought it was my thread, but its fine though @Dara.Amarie. :grinning: