Unknown Music Used


Hi everyone ! In this episode of “Fake love , True love” the author used some awesome music background started from the moment when Stephanie is shooting those guys and fight them. I want to know their names if someone knows them ? Thank you so much and sorry for my bad english . Also I am new here :sweat_smile: .


I couldn’t find it in the music section while clicking through them, so I think that may be a music piece that is exclusive to Episode featured stories (it can only be used in featured stories).


They. Need. To. Release. This. ASAP!


Oh , I see … I wish they will release this background songs because they’re lit for action scenes ! :grinning:
Thank you for reply ! :hugs:


Totally agree ! :heart_eyes::hugs:


Get an answer to your question? :slight_smile:


Yes , thank you . :blush:Still hoping that my wish will become true someday . :joy::see_no_evil: