Unknown script error

hey guys, so i got this script error and everytime i click on the error, it takes me to the first line. can someone please help!

You have to have a background at the beginning luv

She is right, you do need a background.

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delete what you have on line 1 and 2

i did, and it still has the error.

Hmm I think the problem is in last line you cant use simple dicerting combined wit spot directing.

@AUTHOR enters from screen left to screen center

or spor the AUTHOR with spotdirecting offscreen first and than walk him to desired spot with
@AUTHOR spot 1.253 -350 0 in zone 1
@AUTHOR walks to spot 1.253 160 0 in zone 1 in 3

Check all your spot and shift numbers for any mistakes. That error message usually means you’re missing a spot/shift number or you added an extra number.

That’s actually a valid command. You can use spots with the enters command.

Oh I thought you cant combine them. :man_facepalming: Sorry for midleading then. :smirk::flushed::roll_eyes:

i have, and it still has the error. whenever i click on the error it takes me to the first line of the script.

Clicking on the error message doesn’t take you to where the actual error is. You have to search for it in your script. Can you PM me your script?

yep! i just messaged you the script!

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