Unlikeable Protagonist

I was fine with her character at first but the more chapters I’ve read the more annoying she became. She just seems like a very vapid character which is why I don’t care for her. I know some people may like her but I personally don’t.


  • Hailey from Him And I (she acts like a Mary-Sue to me)
  • The MC in The K*ss List (also a Mary-Sue)
  • The MC in She’s Bad
  • Alexis Reed in Amor Loco (she’s too much for me)
  • Starlett Sky in Friends With Benefits. Her friendship/relationship goes on and off at the most random times and her involvement with Aimee and Leo is too much. (Aimee needs to stop playing with Leo’s feelings like that and just tell him the truth)
  • Celia in Bite My Tongue (she’s so boring to me and I stopped reading after Episode 1 because it felt like such a drag to get through)
  • The MC in The Pregnancy Game. If you read this story, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

That’s all for now.


MC- Kiss List, can’t believe it’s a featured stories and one of the stories episode asks you to read when you first download episode

April- The Shaw Brothers, I’m not expecting much consensus on this one but I really dislike how April kept drooling over Christopher even at the time she’d been dating Mason. Isn’t it cheating? :open_hands:

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Here’s a new one: Portia from Portia Got Pregnant (yes, this is a real story).

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I mean, they only recommend it cause it’s a story from Episode, otherwise… lol