Unlimited Pass help

Anyone know where to get the unlimited pass subscription. I have checked on app and on iPhone manage subscription and nothing


You just click at the “+” sign next to the passes and scroll to the very end and you should find this :

Mine doesn’t have that optiOn

Can you take a screenshot?

Moved to Episode Fan Community since Community is for discussion of specific stories. Not sure if this is a bug, so it’s not in the report a bug category, but I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to the support team and asking for assistance if you can’t find the unlimited pass subscription. :smiley:

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It must be there if you scroll further down

mine does not have it either! I am trying to find it. It won’t allow me to scroll down further.

Here was episode team’s response to an email I sent them concerning this.

Hi Kayla,

Thanks for writing in. In order to create a better experience for players and make sure that the special offers released are the best they can be, the team will sometimes release certain special offers to small groups of players to make sure everything is working properly. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of our support tools, we are unable to manually send special offers to players’ profiles. Hopefully this will be available to you soon as well, but it may take some time. Thanks for your patience!

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, and have a wonderful day!