Unlimited Passes Disappeared

For several months I subscribed to unlimited passes for $9.99 However, it doesn’t even show as an option the past few months. Where has it gone? Can I get it back? Please help.

What device are you using?

I just bought it yesterday.

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Samsung Galaxy

Not quite sure. Are you using the newest version of the app?

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Yes. I did an update of the app a few months back and there was no longer an Unlimited Pass option. I have tried everything.

Still works for me. Maybe send in a ticket?

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Thanks! I actually just did that. All this time and for some reason I never even thought about doing that. lol It must be the withdrawals of binging stories. lol :slight_smile:

Omg same!!
Hope you get it fixed! x

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Hey there @tristina, this post Did Episode remove the 30 days ad-free feature? may help explain the situation with the unlimited passes. :smiley:

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Thank you! This explains it perfectly. How disappointing. :frowning: Hopefully they send out some more great deals. Im currently buying the $40 passes and $20 gems a couple times a month. My husband may divorce me soon. Lol kidding.

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