Unlimited Passes Option Missing Again (iOS)

My unlimited passes just expired and I was about to buy more until I found out that the option had vanished. Has this happened to anyone else on iPhone or iPad?

  • UP is gone and replaced with VIP
  • UP is still there for me
  • UP was never there

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Update: They’re gone again


Hey there @moonmoo, please check out this post: Did Episode remove the 30 days ad-free feature? :smiley:

I have the same issue!!! I have benefited from the unlimited passes since July but since the last update I don’t have them anymore. It’s annoying because it’s a good offer and the others are very expensive for a few passes!


I been paying for those unlimited passes for 2 years and when it expires there was no option there to get it. That’s pretty frustrating and for what I read we won’t get it back. Sad I was super happy reading whatever I want since a open this app but now if I have to wait 3 hours for passes I won’t be playing so much. And definitely won’t read the episode original those are horrible! :woman_facepalming:t2: I hope they put it back for us, I know there is another app like this one that got a VIP package and you get so much more than just passes unlimited! I guess no more episode for me!


My friend made her account back in 2013/2014 and she has the options still. Funny thing is, she has no intention in buying it but I want it really bad.

I’m having this same issue! I’ve been refreshing a few times a day to see if the option comes back. I tried creating a new account but it wasn’t there on that either. I’ve been paying the $10 for almost 2 years now and I’ve gotten so used to no ads and freely reading episode that I just can’t deal with not having it. I’m so mad they took it away. I sent out a ticket and they gave a response that was a copy and paste they’ve been sending to other people for the same issue for years.


Same :confounded:. Once you get used to no ads, you can’t go back to ads.

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I just can’t understand why they would remove such a beloved AND beneficial feature. :confused:


its so frustrating because it was a good deal :frowning:


Has anyone gotten the option back? I’ve been checking regularly but nothing’s came up yet.


Same here and it’s so frustrating. I’ve been paying for the unlimited pass for years and now it’s gone. I’ve sent a ticket and got the generic response but it seems as if it is some change that has been recently implemented. Why would so many people have the same issue at the same time? Episode may lose a loyal reader. I hope they’ll reconsider.


So I sent episode a ticket about this and they literally closed the conversation instead of answering it lol.


The unlimited pass option just came back for me after almost 2 weeks without. Yay! I hope it will return for everyone.


After I updated the app, mine came back too!!! Happy dance!



I just updated mine and they’re back too! :hugs::hugs::hugs: Update: 12/2020- they are gone once again


I updated the app and th unlimited option returned.


My unlimited passes option is back now.

I just updated episode and my unlimited passes disappeared again now i have unlimited passes for featured stores and daily gems for 7euros a week. How can i get the unlimited passes for all stories for 30 days back???