Unlimited passes still gone?

Hey, the unlimited passes pack is still not available for me and it has been a week. Is this the same case for y’all?
Share your opinions about this topic x


do you think it will return?

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i did and they told me that not everyone get this pack and it’s a limited edition but that’s bullshit because some people had it for 2+ years and now it’s gone for almost everyone. also they’re lying because in the description of the game in the app store they’re saying that this pack is still available when it’s not


I have had unlimited passes for 4 years, and I’ve repurchased every month. I haven’t had the option for over 4 months and it’s bothering me. Hopefully this changes soon. I don’t feel It is worth reading if i have to watch ads after every episode!


Watching ads the starting of every episode is annoying, makes me not even want use the app anymore. I’ve been using the unlimited passes since March this year and my passes ran out yesterday and I can’t buy anymore -_- . I really don’t get the point of making it a limited thing, if everyone wants to use it. What does this new VIP pack do anyway? I don’t see anything like that on my end


Hi! Same here! Unlimited passes not working and I’ve been buying them every month during the last two years. I’ve written episode but still no answer. And it’s really bothering me to the point that I’m nos reading the stories cause it’s horrible watching ads (sometimes even 3!) before every episode!


I thought it was just me having this problem. And going through the other responses I see something about a vip pack? I don’t see anything about that on my account.


Me neither. No vip pack for me. Just gem packs (as if I were going to use a gem choice just for a dress…)


Hopefully if enough people speak on the unlimited passes issue then episode will realize they made a mistake removing this option and will bring it back! Or else I’ll just try and find a better app that doesn’t have all these new content restrictions and charging consumers for using their app forcing them to buy passes and gems.


Wishing the unlimited passes and no ads for $9.99 a month would come back! Love this app but I won’t stay on it if I have to pay more and go thru ads


with the vip pack you only have unlimited passes for Episode Official Stories but who wants to read this stories. Everyone prefers the community stories. This pack costs 5$ a week for only unlimited passes on the episode officials. This is literally stealing money and Episode is losing all their loyal readers and customers because everyone bought this unlimited passes pack for 10$ a month. They’re gonna lose all their money if they don’t put this option back.


I think exactly the same, they’re gonna lose all their loyal customers if they don’t put back the unlimited tickets with no ads.
I only read non episode official stories, the ones they make are not worthy to spend the money. Even when you read a story based on one that a writer did, they change lot of stuff and it’s not the same. They don’t put the same effort writers do! I like stories that make you feel something, not stories that charge me 25 gems to use a dress.
To be honest I buy the pass+no ads to read specific writers, not their official stories.
I also wrote them 4 days ago and still no answer


…wtf I got funds on my phone for nothing!

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Omg i thought i was the only one. I repurchased the unlimited passes since march every month but i few days ago i had to purchase it again but I didn’t have the option anymore to buy it. So I checked this forum to see what’s going on and why. But episode really needs to allow us to purchase the unlimited passes again cause it annoys the hell out of me that i have to wait to read episodes and that i have to watch all of those ads. And if they don’t put the option back then they will lose all of their loyal readers including me!


I’ve just started having this problem but I looked on another forum somewhere and some people have been having this problem for years and whenever they (including myself) have emailed Episode, they’ve literally sent the exact same copy and pasted message from a different “episode team member”. It’s been the same message for years. So it’s very sad to see that a team of game creators don’t really care about the feedback they get from their fan base/loyal customers

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episode is also super hypocritical. they put some much guidelines for writers but the ads we get are super sexual.

I actually thank goodness figured it out! I have an iPhone I went to subscriptions on my settings and the unlimited passes are on there and it’s only 7.99 weirdly enough

hmm i don’t have that. is it unlimited passes on all stories or only for episode official stories?

does anyone have this option back?

Same i have paid WAY too much over the 5 years i have used this app. I am fuming that all of a sudden The offer is gone. The ads crash ALL THE TIME. I refuse to keep buying gems (especially because i would rather buy them to support authors) and when my passes are gone i refuse to buy more. They are not getting a cent out of me until i get the offer back. I didnt mind paying 10$ a month for this app that i use all the time even though thats a lot considering hulu is 12$, but i will NOT spend 30+ on this app.