Unlimited passes still gone?

I got an email back from them. Hi Hayley,

Thanks for contacting Episode Support!

The current series of VIP automatic-recurring subscriptions have been discontinued in the Episode app. This is the reason why they are currently unavailable for purchase. New special offers should be available within the next few weeks. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.

Thanks for playing!

This might mean that something new is coming soon hopefully it’s back to being unlimited no ads for 9.99


Hmm, I am still able to buy the VIP package for £13.49 per month which is auto-renewing.
Who knows what they’ll do next :woman_shrugging:t3:

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hey y’all! I was banned for a whole week because apparently my posts are harassing lmao…
But yea same i’m still able to buy the vip subscription so that’s very weird


when did you get this response?

Lucky you

Not really because it’s for episode official stories only which I’m not interested in :rofl: not purchasing until it’s for community stories

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Oh, I’m sorry.
I hardly read anything now, I just log in to see if there is an offer available.

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At this point idk what to do anymore…
Some people said that this VIP subscription will be cancelled too but i’m not sure about that. The only thing we can do at this point is wait and comment on Episode’s post that we don’t support the VIP subscription

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I Just got the vip sapphire offer which is unlimited for episode stories and I used to have unlimited for community stories I’m not spending my money when I used to pay the same amount for a better subscription. I’m very disappointed they should at least charge less if they are going to do this.

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Exactly. I paid $13.99 for unlimited for all stories. However, now they want me to pay $19.49 for only episode stories makes a lot of sense doesn’t it

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It annoys me because I don’t have them since January. I was able to get them by changing my subscription with Episode VIP and that’s it.

Btw, they reincluded Episode VIP, but still without unlimited passes for the community stories :sleepy: :raised_back_of_hand:t5:

That’s crazy

Like a week ago

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idk why episode would think we would be okay with this? this new vip subscription is a total rip-off! we’re paying more than we did before and it’s only for episode official stories. why would anyone buy this i don’t get it. episode is literally scamming their users

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hmm that’s weird…
if they sent this a week ago would that mean that they will discontinue this vip sapphire offer too?

Idk if that’s what they meant but I hope so I don’t want this sapphire offer I want my old offer back even the old vip offer was fine with unlimited on all stories I paid for that and I would gladly again

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They brought the VIP back

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it wasn’t for everyone on all stories

what do you mean with back? for me it was never gone

Yes for me too