Unlimited Replays!

I loveeee this app! Like I could spend all day on it. I’ve been playing for years and years. After playing for so long I’ve grown a special love for a few select stories and I love rereading them a couple times a year. I recently just discovered that you can only replay a story 5 times :(( that makes me so sad and mad because I only really keep the app to read the old stories that I really love! It would be amazingggg if there was unlimited replays or a way to delete them!! Some stories also have like 40 endings and I would love to see them all! This is honestly a HUGE issue for me, and I don’t see a point in keeping this app if I can’t keep reading my favorite stories over and over again. Please fix this Episode!!!


Looks like we already have a request for that here: FEATURE : Deleting Replays / Increase Replay Amount :smiley: