Unlimited Story Ideas!


Hello!! Welcome to my thread!! I have many different story ideas, creativity block ideas, and stuff like that! I tried to write a story but ended up changing the idea like a thousand times 'cause more ideas kept popping up :joy::joy: so I thought I’d share them with you! (Since I probably won’t be trying to write anymore stories!)

I can help if you:

  • Have a main idea but no idea for plot line and simple things
  • Know the main category
  • Just know you want to write a new story but have no idea what about
  • Have hit a writers block and don’t know the next step of your story
  • Need someone to look over your main idea, just because or to make sure it isn’t stereotypical, or anything else!

I DON’T do story reviews, that would be for another thread, thank you for understanding

If your interested we can either talk in this chat or we can make a PM (Personal Message) if you feel more comfortable with that!!

Here are some examples:

Short story ideas
  • You are an unknown chef in the cooking industry until one of your close friends hooks you up with a spot on a popular cooking show!! Will you win and become a well known chef? Or will you lose and make a bad name for yourself? You decide
Writers block

Story idea/example of story of writers block: You (Miranda) live in a 3092 where nothing ever happens, and there haven’t been any electronic developments in decades. When a space program from 2028 comes back and introduses a new rocket ship that can travel billions and billions of miles! She gets a spot on the ship but the ship crashes early and ends up in an unknown part of the galaxy. She and many others crash land on a planet then (Writers block)

Some options:

  • She could live there with the other people on the ship, trying to gain resources to fly back then find out there is life!!
  • She could discover when she exits that fairy tail creatures live there, like dragons, sirens, etc.
  • She and many others could build another space ship but it can only fit half of the people stranded

I need story ideas?

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Do you think you can help me come up with an idea for lime light characters ?


Sure! Do you want to talk in a pm? Or in this thread? I need to go to bed but I will be happy to talk tomorrow!


hi, i cant decide between two story ideas.

  1. Two kids of oppisite gender are placed in the same dorm room.
  2. You have never believed in bad boys, until he comes along


First one dude.
The second is a lil cliche


well can you come up with ideas


Yeah! I’m a writer. We can talk in Pm




To be honest, both plots seem somewhat cliche. But I would recommend the first one because I’m sick of bad boy stories.


I agree


I believe that the bad boy one sounds a bit overused, but I haven’t read many stories with the first idea, although the first idea does sound a little bit cliche, I believe that you have a lot more room to make it unique!
Best of luck writing!!! :grin: