Unlimited Story Rereads

Honestly there are a few stories out there that I could never get tired of and just could read over and over. There’s even some stories that I’ve reread five times. I wish that the maximum amount of times we could read a story wasn’t five, it’d be nice if it were unlimited but even just making it ten or something and I’d be happy. Unless there’s a good reason as to why they only let you read a story 5 times, I wish they’d let you read it as many times as you wish. I know this isn’t necessarily a popular opinion but I’d really like to see that in the game. How do you guys feel about this?


Hi! Do you mean for this thread to be a suggestion to Episode? If so you may want to format it as a Feature Request by following these guidelines here :slight_smile:


(I suggested this here, if you would like to support it :})


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