Unnecessarily Difficult to Animate and Create my story!

I want to be able to just drag and drop my character to do what I want, but apparently the only way to animate is to write the special code, but my character still doesn’t go where I want them to go! I’m sticking with the mobile app, despite the restrictions limitations, at least it doesn’t take me several hours for my character to do NOTHING!

I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with coding. Please bear in mind that learning this takes time and determination. If you need help, there are many of us who offer it. There are also guides that have been created for new coders.
If you want to stick to the mobile app, that’s fine. But please be careful with your words as we don’t want to discourage others.
Also, is this the wrong place for this kind of post.
Here is where you’d want to place it. Perhaps a “venting” thread


Believe me I was the same on the very beginning of trying to code. It’s hard. It’s frustrating but it does get easier if you keep practicing. Watch Joseph Evan’s tutorials on YouTube! We all started there :blush:


Hi! Sorry you’re having trouble, but it takes a lot of time to make Episode stories, and although experienced authors or featured stories “make it look easy”, it is not.

If you’re still interested Portal (Desktop) coding, take a look here for many helpful threads:

have fun no matter where you decide to share your story

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Just give it a year. Well that’s what I did. My first story was terrible, but now I can do it! All you need is practice (and watch Joseph Evan’s video tutorials)


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