Unofficial Story Contests

It would be cool to periodically have an unofficial contest ran and judged by a few forumers.

It would work like this:
Every few months or whenever a contest is annonced and everyone who replies to the thread saying they’ll join must complete a qualifying story before the deadline.

Each contest would have a theme or prompt:
“The proganist is a world-class chef by day, supervillian by night.”
Write a story with no more than three characters.

Every story must be complete and without errors by the contest deadline. And a panel of judges will read the stories and decide the winner.
The story may not have been started before the contest was announced.

If anyone is interested in the concept or would like to assist, please comment below.


Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is Episode-specific, cool idea! :v:t2:

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Thanks! Wasn’t sure where it should go.

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I might be willing to assist- it sounds like a cool concept!

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So, we have to do a story every time you guys announced it?

No, only if you enter on the individual contest thread.
You can choose not to participate in every contest, but once join a contest you are committed.

This sounds really cool! I’d love to join in!

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Yeah, but I mean we have to do a story how you guys want it, right?:thinking: because I like the idea

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This sounds cool. Depending on the theme, I’d love to join. :smile:


As long as follow the guidelines and the prompt/theme for the contest, you can write how you please.

This sounds like a fun idea! If you need judges, I’d be happy to help with that!


Thanks. It would be good to get a sort of team that does these so the responsibilities are shared.


yea it seems like s super cool idea

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Well, I’m in​:joy::joy::joy:

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I’d be in but we will need a prize to motivate writers to join.

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Right. Maybe something like everyone who joins agrees to put the winner’s story in their recommendations for a set period of time?

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That would be a bad prize tbh. I mean tbh nobody checks recommendations and it’s only for a set period of time while we spend hard work as authors to get a story done. I’d personally prefer writing to win episode’s original contests then.

What i’d suggest is making a badge looking thing so that they can place it on their story cover which indicates their story won etc etc. Then share the story for a week on your instagram like going on a journey through it. That’s only appropriate compared to what episode has to offer, which is a whole shelf to itself and writers payment agreement.


That’s a good idea, and I thought of having a badge and stuff earlier, but I have neither skill nor experience when it comes to things like that.

It would be good if there was someone to come up with awards and be in charge of advertising the winner.

For the advertising everyone involved that has an insta account should do it. You can call it “A week of (winner’s story name)” Of course, there should be second and third places but you can start with only one place as an early go.

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