Unpopular opinion and art scenes

Ok, so just a bit of a rant here that I doubt anyone will read. But I’m not a huge fan of art scenes particularly when the art scene is already predetermined like if you change your characters it doesnt match anymore. I would like it if there was 1.) If you give the reader an option to skip the art scenes 2.) Just dont allow customization for your story 3.) Have multiple skin colors for the said art scene you’re including. It’s only frustrating because often times most of the stories do not focus around melenated people and majority of the art scenes reflect that. I wouldnt mind so much if some writers didn’t make the art scene unskipable and last for 2 minutes. As a POC of medium melanin it’s a constant reminder that these stories weren’t really meant for us or our likeness.


This is why I love when authors tell you in the beginning before you customize that they have art scenes. I tend to keep my character close to the original in these cases.

I also like when we can skip art scenes. I find a lot of art scenes a little cringe honestly. There is a lot of text describing what’s happening that I end up just tapping through it all lol


Yeah it’s disappointing when the art scene and the characters I customized don’t look similar at all- So it’s really helpful if authors make a warning beforehand when we customize our characters.

To be honest though, there are varying opinions by everyone about art scenes. Some don’t mind art scenes even if there’s customization, while some are bothered by it. It makes it confusing as to what the author should do. But I agree though that the best way to “solve” it is by having the option to skip the art scene


I think this is actually a very popular opinion haha

I totally agree, though. I feel very disconnected when an art scene pops up, especially when the characters look completely different. It’s weird.


this is a pretty popular opinion. it’s one of the reasons why i made a skip button for my art scene and 30 different art scenes so that my readers could have art that reflected their character. however, that’s not always possible as it would cost a non-artist a fortune… but adding limited CC or no CC also turns off a lot of readers. it’s a double edged sword :confused:


I agree but it’s only frustrating when theres all the zooms that make the scene last longer than usual. I cant even tap my way out of it!!


I agree which is why I wasnt so sure if my opinion was “popular” because I feel like often times with this kind of stuff someone always screeches “u shuld jst b gRaTeafuL”. But yes it would cost a lot of money to do multiple options because I can tell some of those art scenes and even covers take a lot of an artist’s time. And time isn’t free.

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I mean, I am the person that usually keeps the original character designs when customization in case something like this happens. Maybe I’ll change one or two minor details, but nothing big

Personally, I think that as long as the author includes a warning that there will be art scenes before the reader gets to customize, its the readers fault if the art scenes don’t match their character(s) and they don’t like it. Plus, if it’s a commissioned art scene, they aren’t going to not show something they spent money on :joy:

However, if the author doesn’t give a warning that the art scenes will match the original design, it is on the author if the readers are unhappy. Just my opinion

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I think it depends on the story. If the story has a predetermined character, then art scenes can work.

Sometimes art scenes can represent a scene you couldn’t code easily or it’s not possible to code.

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1: Agree but sometimes not often there is some importent text in the art scene

  1. have you tried publish a story with out CC, you get so many rude messages asking to add it. because people cant respect the authors decision not to have it. I have Full CC for MC and limited for the 5 love interest and still get some.

3: art takes time, and usally money becauase most here cant draw. an actually really good art can cost 50 dollers. imagine haveing in just 5 diffrent skin colors.

Yes I mention that to plenty people whos story I revied where they had an art scene and didnt mention it, always say it.

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