Unpopular opinion: I stan stories with many love interests

Hello!!! I just published my story “The exes beach house” in which I chose to involve 5 love interests! Obviously the protagonist doesn’t meet them all at the beginning. What I wanted to ask is if you know a story that has multiple love interests too! I really enjoy getting to choose in Episode between many people. So please tell me in the comments stories like that with a mini plot description. I feel like many other users think the same so they will read the comments to find new stories too!!!:blush:

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• Queen by @STEFFI01 (Four love interest)
• Tick Tack by Ale. (Six love interest)
• One of the Girls by @amberose - Not really love interest, but they kind of are. (Three or four, I believe)
• Friends WITH Benefits by FWB (Thee love interest)
• Wicked Academics by @soulless_syd (Five or six love interest)
• Moonlight Feathers by @wincyyellow (Three love interest)
• Do You Know Me? by @wincyyellow (Four or five) I can’t remember.
• Bandaged Hearts by Cass (Three)
• Evil is Created by Deniselina (Four)

To many to summarize lol.


I like being able to choose who I talk to in stories but it’s gets hard because I want them all! :joy: if you do so many, make each of them stand out that way the reader can choose who fits them best.

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You’re right, but I’m still at the begging, going on with the interests I’ll let her see traits of each personality

THANKS!!! Perfect for me

any of these in finished?

No. But a lot of these stories have long chapters.


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