Unpopular opinion: Most of Episode stories are boring af


I’m tired of seeing them all over the main page of episode, stop recommending them I’m not gonna read them


You mean the cough romance cough stories?


bad boiiis, gang leaders, teacher-student relationships (wtf)


lol yes, also the nerd takes off glasses and suddenly becomes hot


Ikr, i can’t relate with the teacher stories, most of my teachers are ugly grown men


Almost every single romance story is the same, that and they’re all cliche woopdee-doo :woman_facepalming:


It’s what the people like


Not all of episode stories are like that. Some of the other stories I have found are interesting. They’re sometimes by newer authors. But it really depend. Oh well. :woman_shrugging:


I respect everyone’s opinion, I just feel like for me the majority of these stories start very good and end up being super generic and choices don’t matter anyways, even if you wasted your gems or not


Oh… I’m hoping to release some good stories, I have some already published. But they only really get better after a couple chapter when it comes to choices and stuff. That’s only because at the beginning I used my iPad. And I wrote on the app. I’d be really happy if you would consider checking them out. And I’d like to think they’re different. But that’s really up to you to decide. :blush: