Unpopular opinion : Popular author behaviour on social media

What do you feel about the popular authors who put their entire feelings on social medias, like Instagram? I don’t talk about EVERY popular authors don’t get me wrong.
Sometimes I do understand that readers (Not from Episode Community) can be rude to them, but is it really a good thing to bash and hate the readers on Instagram and throw your feelings in public? Is it really professional to make stories (On Instagram) and act like some teenagers who’s feelings is hurt?
I feel like these popular authors are kind of unprofessional. Some of them do Episode as a living job and should treat their reader like a customer. You know when you have a business even if the customer is dumb, he’s always right at the end of the day. This sentence is so wrong but if you work in the customer service area , you will understand that you have no choice to respect the customer if you want to make money in your business.
Some of them are even a parent , a mom and this is so immature from them…
Welcome to the life on internet when you expose your work/life in a large public…

Just want to know your opinion :slight_smile: No hate !

Ok yall, I just want to make it clear, because I didn’t know that I would have so many responses for this topic and I feel like I wasn’t clear enough and I hurt some of you. I wasn’t trying to be rude of something, please don’t feel like I attact you, it’s just my personal opinion as a futur entrepreneur. I feel like some of you see me as a monster or someone who’s not human. I do know what hate is and what it is to deal with that. Sorry, I admit that I did not express myself very well. (Sorry english isn’t my first language also).

Being professional doesn’t mean that you can’t have feelings or you have to shut your mouth. Im not saying that authors should always smile and forgive everyone, I just personally think that there is a way to handle criticism professionally. And I am not talking about the situations where you get death wishes or something very bad like that, but I am talking about the little situations where you get criticism. Like many said, there is a difference between hate and criticism and If you can’t take criticism, then Episode is not for you. When I’m following authors on IG, it’s because I want to have update of their story. I don’t want to see any negative or toxic behavior, seriously. By doing these Ig stories, you are just feeding the drama and this is what the teenager trolls want.
I used the term popular, because some of these author do Episode as a living job and I am talking about them. Episode is a life job for them, they have to be professional. This is the reality of the business world, I am sorry but this is the adult money business market in 2019. I just think that when you can’t take criticism and you are too emotional, it’s kind of unprofessional. This is why I talked about the customer is always right thing, because I considered that readers are like the customer of popular author. (It wasn’t a good example, I shouldn’t have use this term tho).
But like, at the moment, a lot of you guys are hating Episode, because of their new guideline, the crossover rule thing and yall talking about them like they are coward of something. But they are still being professional and they take criticisms. They do not hate on us and make story on IG, and this is what I think a business should do, this is called Public relations. I am sorry, but dealing with criticism is a deal to take when you are working for a large audience. Being sassy and a drama queen for little things is just unprofessional.

I don’t say that popular author owe their readers something and they should bow to them, but I’m saying that if 1 person have to move on and let the person win the argument, it’s definitely the author. It’s pointless taking a screen shot and spilling your tea on your IG story for little things. (Again, I am not talking about the bad situations where you get very disrespectful comments, but the situations where it’s little things).

But yeah like the title said, this is my unpopular opinion so please don’t take it too serioulsy, because I don’t want to make any drama (I dont want to see drama in IG stories and here too :joy:) .

At the end of the day we all have different opinions and this is why our world is a messed up place with all the Political issues and war. Im not looking for likes by doing this topic, but just want to know if some of you share this unpopular opinion with me! So I love you all and don’t take everything too much in a negative way. Peace, yolo, love yourself , enjoy life , eat a lot :heart::kissing_heart:


just wanna note the entire customer is always right. is kinda stupid. that is why the entire subreddit tales in retail exist. all the crazy people demanding things for free. especially for the ones, there are like I will take business elsewhere. okay, do that I dont get pay for how much I sell but how long time I am here.


I totally understand and I am agree that this sentence is wrong like I said , but at the end of the day he’s still your customer and he’s your income.
I’m not talking about the situations where you work for a big CEO like Mcdonald and you have a student job with the minimum salary and the customer disrespect you . Yes me too I would probably tell him to go away if he disrespect me, because I dont get paid enough , and it’s just a student job.

But I think that if you are making your own business and you have a serious internet job like Episode or Youtube channel or Insta Babe, you should not play the victim card and bash every of your fan on your stories and act like a hurt teenagers. This is the life of Internet.
I mean look at Kim Kardashian or even Kylie Jenner. She get so much hate every day on her instagram because she’s fake , but she doesn’t talk about her haters every single days and show off the screenshot like some of the popular authors on Episode … Why ? Because she has a business to keep, she has her makeup line.
I just think that when you have a Internet Job where the fans are your income, you should act like a professional no matter the hate you receive. This is why I talked about the customer example. No matter how dumb he is, he is the reason why you have your popularity on Internet.

Maybe it’s because I am a Marketing and Business University student that I feel that way, but this is just my personal opinion lol. :thinking:


I agree it is not a good idea to be after the readers. but I also dont follow any writers cause i dont care about them. i care about the book. i read a lot. and i really mean a lot I got a shelf of books i read and often got new books from the library and of all these books there are maybe four authors whose name i actually remember. for me it is not about the author but the book. who cares if she is a selfish female dog. if the book is

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Acting like you’re in a high school clique turns me off from your stories, but it’s their social media so they can technically post what they want but doesn’t mean I can’t think less of them for it.


@episode.anon Yeah you both are right !!!

I’m just following them on Instagram, because I do appreciate their story. They are talented and I want to see the updates and everything, but even if they are adult, they act like freaking teenagers, it’s toxic and it’s kind of negative for us, the readers to see that everyday… I think I will just unfollow them thats it ! :joy:


yeah I follow authors only for updates and if they act rude, it really does make it toxic for me to even follow the authors who’s stories I read.


Reminds me of Miss MJ.


What do you mean?

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She’s very rude and unprofessional


I would like to point out, as someone who has worked in customer service, the customer is not always right. If they’re being rude, agro, disrespectful etc you have every right to not tolerate that behaviour. I have so many stories of dealing with entitled shits and it is not me being biased.

As for authors expressing their feeling on insta, they’re some that act out unnecessarily and intentionally get their followers to target a person but there is authors that have to deal with stuff they shouldn’t have to and sometimes venting is a way of copping or spreading awareness of what episode authors deal with.


Yeah I noticed fanmail

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And she blocked me on Instagram because I called her out :joy:

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Dang, what did she say

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I didn’t like her stories because of directing

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Someone asked for CC on one of her posts, and then she attacked that person and so did her “fans”


It was bad?

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It just wasn’t very good and her stories are overrated its just the same mafia story over and over


Yeah, her stories are overrated. Isn’t she the author of “Chain Reaction” and “It’s Just An Illusion”?

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Yeah and King Theo, I was like WTH why do ppl say this is so good, it’s boring