Unpopular opinion : Popular author behaviour on social media

Not to mention it glorifies sexual violence?

And Langdon too!


I know. I just think she should try some new material

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Totally agree. Like a Mystery story or something


Exactly, I’m just not a fan of what she’s doing rn.


You’ve read her stories?

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Yeah, you?

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Nah, and I never will.

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Some of them do Episode as a living job and should treat their reader like a customer. You know when you have a business even if the customer is dumb, he’s always right at the end of the day.

This sentence is so wrong but if you work in the customer service area , you will understand that you have no choice to respect the customer if you want to make money in your business.

Em. No, thanks. This is some proper bullshit.
Sure, if u struggle with work, and you have to keep it at any cost - kk, customer is always “right”.
But if you do something u love, or smthg u r very good at and u basically employ urself - if u r gonna be an asshole, I’m gonna treat u like an asshole.


But when you get fired, you’ll ask why?

The clerk can be an ass too sometimes…


I don’t have insta to really experience this but why can’t they make two accounts? One for personal use and the other for episode alone?

Unless they do, then in my opinion (Idk anything on insta because I don’t have it soo, don’t trust my opinion) I wouldn’t mind people ranting on insta on their personal account.

If they had one account for both, I’d find it weird but I cant blame them but they should make another account for that or something

Now if they were rude, that’s a whole new story.

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The “customer is always right” motto is usually the mindset of rude/harassing/entitled followers or readers.

I work as a retail supervisor irl, and the customer is most DEF not right lol.

I’m not gonna deny there are popular authors who are pretty arrogant, but more than often that statement is an attempted free pass in stirring up trouble.


Like I said, I am not talking about the situations where you work for a big ceo company, where you have minimal salary, where you can do wtv you want and when you are not making the important decision for the company. I am talking about the situations where you have your own company or when you have a serious adult job like accounting?
At these kind of work, you have to put away your feelings, you can’t put too much “muhhh feelings is hurt”. If you can’t take criticism, then customer service is just not for you and it’s totally okay, not everyone have the patience to deal with dumb people. And when the customer is not here, of course you can talk shit about him with your favorite coworker :blush: BUT not in front of him or in public . OF COURSE there is a limit, if a customer starts to really disrespect you and attack you, now you can remove the line between you and him.
But if the customer makes criticism about your work or is just really annoying and ask a lot of your service, you don’t have to bash them and act like an ass like a hurt teenager.
(This is the point about the topic because I consider that the popular authors are making their own business with Episode and they have a really bad behaviour when it’s not even important detail. Like, they do screenshot and expose on their stories and makes the reader looks like a stupid person when the reader is just impatient and want the next chapter ???)

As always, the Episode community focuses on one (1) argument and turns a blind eye to every other thing that’s been said. Lol, I’m not even gonna act like I’m surprised anymore.

Although I don’t agree with “the customer is always right”, the customer sure is your income. People are not saying this so you tolerate and accept hate. They are saying this to be so you can be cautious because one mistake could cause your whole ass Epy life even if your intentions weren’t bad.

Can I just point out that many (MANY. Not all, read before you send your followers :wink: ) authors send their followers after someone to harass them? This isn’t a one-time thing, this always happens. They shut anything that criticizes their behavior and/or stories, even if it’s not hate. I see many authors replying to criticism (not hate, criticism, constructive too!) in a rude-way on their posts, cover the user’s handle and share it on their IG story. And then everyone goes to comments to harass that person. WTF did covering their handle do??? You could’ve at least say not to harass that person, smh.

I’m not going to say anything else, because then someone will probably;


  • screenshot this
  • send their followers/friends here


  • send subliminal through their IG stories

You know what? They’ll probably do both.

And yes, I am prejudiced against popular authors, because this is something that happens daily, even between popular authors. (sending their followers to harass others) I’m not saying us, the unpopular ones (or whatever the official name is…) don’t create any problems/drama. But there’s a difference between someone with 400 followers creating drama and someone with 10k followers creating drama. You probably won’t even hear about the one with 400 followers, but everyone hears the other one, it damages the community’s reputation. Which is… community is important, because, you know, you earn money off this place, and if the community falls apart, your Episode journey ends.

Anyway now I’ll be leaving for real because I don’t want to deal with any dictators. Peace! or not.


Oh, and something else I feel like I should add, this behavior is not attached to popular authors only. Everyone has it, but we only see popular authors, because of this exact reason


I agree :slight_smile:


I just see the tendency, that is very visible at least on Forums. Entitlement. People says big authors should promote small ones, now they have to bare with readers bullshit. Get over urself (not aimed at u, just generalization). No one owes u anything.


Yes 100% yes !!:clap::clap::clap::clap: You said what I wanted to say since the beginning, but without offending any sensible heart… :joy: Thank you!

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I only partially agree with this one, because writing is a bit different kind of job, and you can’t generalize different types of jobs IMO. The results of artistic type of job are evaluated differently, than something like house building, or selling things etc. If you built a house that will broke down in a year, it means u did ur job bad. But writing, along with other artistic types are very subjective to evaluate. Sure, there are some standards even in regards to writing, but one book/story causes different reactions from different people. So there is a line between criticism and bashing.
I personally have received some demanding requests about my story, that makes me wanna be very rude and unpleasant. I also received good questions and legit criticism that got me thinking and hopefully made my story better.

I only partially agree with this one. I’m against organized harassing… But if someone is rude to me, I will speak, and I think everyone should. If someone would be an ass to me in private, I wouldn’t bring it to public eyes, but if you are an ass to me in public - I will answer to u in public as well, because you have responsibility over your words on the Internet, unlike some might think. I also don’t want to and won’t feel responsible for other people actions, unless I specifically called for them.

+1. I didn’t really see that, but again I don’t follow that many popular authors. The ones I follow seem to be fine.

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Makes sense.

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I don’t agree I actually like it when authors do that but that’s just me