Unpopular opinion: spotlight it’s trash

I respect everyone’s opinion but for me personally I don’t like spotlight, I don’t feel the connection between characters and so much movement with the transitions of characters annoys me


I totally agree with you :clap:

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I prefer traditional Episode, but I don’t mind spotlight too much.


Yassssss SAME

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I prefer cinematic, but I have read some stories in spotlight that are pretty good too. I just think for certain plotlines spotlight doesn’t work


Well, I feel that Spotlight is quite underrated and underutilized. I can understand why many don’t like it from their viewpoint, as it’s unorthodox to the usual cinematic style of Episode, but in my opinion I don’t think it’s trash. I think it’s very cool and unique for several reasons. Personally, whenever I read a good spotlight story, the writing, if written well, becomes more vibrant, almost like reading a great book which is very nice to me. Perhaps it’s because instead of focusing on the cinematic aspects, that extra attention is drawn back to the actual writing, maybe? But anyways, in well written spotlight stories, I feel like I pay attention more due to the quality and crisp dialogue, descriptions, syntax etc. I also find myself imagining the story play out in my head like I’m reading an actual book. Using imagination can be fun to me when it comes to reading. I can still connect with the characters, just like I read a real book or a cinematic story; writing is writing no matter what form, in my opinion.

I feel that these aspects really bring out the beauty of the Spotlight style through more authentic writing by mainly words than cinematic means, which a lot of authors find challenging opposed to the cinematic style which I can be understand… I have never written on Episode before but I can imagine that scripting a story in Spotlight could be challenging but I’m not entirely sure…

But yeah! I dig Spotlight. I think spotlight stories are awesome when written well, just like cinematic stories are awesome when written well, too. I think both formats succeed and perform well in different ways; the author can maximize their story’s potential through using either style. But to me, spotlight is cool. It’s great. I wish spotlight was used more though, lol.

Edit: Sorry for any errors lol, posted from my phone.


I don’t really like spotlight either. I feel the full body format us much more expressive for the story. I’m not saying there can’t be good spotlight stories, it just seems more woven and concise when it’s cinematic. Just my opinion, though.

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same its so… boring


Hate spotlight too
Its boring.

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I feel like spotlight is more for stories that are more narrated based, I really like it because it lets me imagine the scenes I can’t see. Lol


Same! In really good spotlight stories I forget I’m reading in Spotlight.


I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “trash,” but I’m not a fan of Spotlight, either, as it’s literally painful for me to read lots of dialogue in that format.


I don’t think this is exactly an unpopularity opinion. Aside from the contest a few months back, I’ve literally never read a single spotlight story - which is a shame. All the fancy zooms and directing in the world mean nothing to me if the story isn’t good.


this is more of majority’s idea but spotlight stories focus on storytelling while the cinematic stories focus on both storytelling and directing. its a really nice way that new authors can write without wanting to quit episode with every single error that comes in cinematic


I think it’s somewhat alright. I haven’t read or written a story with it in it, so, I can’t really judge it.

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I prefer cinematic , but it’s a bit rude to call spotlight trash. There are many great stories in that format.:blush:


Maybe I haven’t read well written stories with the format, I understand your point of view.

In one of the stories I read in spotlight there was a romantic/sex scene that felt too awkward for me, maybe because I focused in the animation rather than the plot, but that made dislike spotlight, but anyways, everyone has different tastes, I’m not sure but i think episode stopped putting Spotlight in the create a story section, they shouldn’t have done that since there’s people that enjoy it.
It’s not trash I just didn’t knew what to put in the title lol

I actually kind of like spotlight more than cinematic…
Spotlight gives more dialogue, which makes the creativity and imagination flow. They show they cannot just code but give a descriptive dialogue as well. Meaning they actual increase in their writing and vocabulary more, unlike some cinematic coders. The dialogue in spotlight really gives the reader’s it’s own imagination as well. Most cinematic stories lack good description/narration bubbles. Spotlight, to me, shows how much depth is put into the story. It gives a more regular-book-vibe. As if you’re reading a paper book. Only the words to flow through your head and fill it with thoughts.


This is actually a really good point.

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