Unpopular opinions about episode stories!

Hey again! So here you can write your unpopular opinions about some popular episode stories here! For me, I don’t really like the new girl… I just found it boring as there wasn’t any real objective in the story. It was just Jade and Landon going on dates or whatever but that’s just my opinion!!

Please no hate! These are just opinions!


I don’t like this kind of stories when the girls keep tripping on the D like boys are the only goals in life.


I’m sure some people are going to think this is harsh, & my intention is not to offend anyone, but I’ve decided that I will only read Stories that are Fully Released from now on.

I’ve been burned too, too many times by falling in love with a story only to find out that it hasn’t been updates for over a year or abandoned altogether… I even appreciate when an author will add notes when to expect their next chapter or give a reason for delays, but to just drop it feels like a trust is broken. Honestly, I totally get that Real Life Happens, but if Writers aren’t invested in their own work, why should I be?

My one exception is IF I’m familiar with an author’s works & know for a fact that they do indeed update on a regular basis, I will put it into my Favorites to “stockpile” episodes & then read it. I hate to lose the momentum & continuity especially when a story is well-written & intriguing.

We’ve put in Requests months ago to add “ Fully Released” as a viable term when Searching for Stories, but nothing was ever done to add that feature.

And, to all those new authors that want to know how to get more reads or improve their stories, one way is to stay connected with your audience & let your readers know your intended update schedule or delays!

But please Finish your stories or Man Up & put Discontiinued in the description. I respect that much more, than no ending at all. JMHO


I wouldn’t say this is an unpopular opinion. I did a poll on this a while ago and most people would rather read completed stories over ongoing stories


It does kind of suck when a story just doesn’t get continued but I understand why authors would do that.


I also rarely start stories unless they’re complete anymore. Your exception is basically the same as my exception. :joy:
If I’m reading a story and then it doesn’t get updated for months, I’m likely going to forget about it. I have a few stories sitting in my favourites that I keep saying I’m going to continue reading but knowing me, I probably never will. At least, not until the story is completed and even then, it’s been so long I’d probably have to replay to remember what’s going on.

Now I tend to add stories to my favourites that sound interesting, but I won’t start reading them until they’re complete or I can tell they’re being regularly updated and will likely be completed.


I am the exact same! I currently hate myself knowing my story is only partially released. Can’t wait to have the whole thing released


I totally get you. I’ve read quite a lot of stories now that were very well written and directed, but now they haven’t been updated for months. When they do finally update, I’ve almost read through the entire new chapter before even remembering what happened in the previous chapter :woman_facepalming:t4:


True! Its sending the wrong message!


And they merged the older topic into a new topic :crazy_face:

To the new topic: Honestly, I tend to avoid the trending section. There are a few stories on there that I like but the majority of “popular” Episode stories don’t tend to be my thing. I’m not Episode’s typical target market (i.e I’m not a horny 13 year old girl).


:joy::joy: What stories do you like to read?

To the new topic: um… Honestly I don’t think my opinion about popular stories would be an unpopular opinion because I think generally most people on the forums aren’t fans of the really popular stories on the app - especially episode official ones


I dunno, I hate stories with the typical mean girl with little motive other than just being a petty psycho to the MC. Nothing deeper going on, and I especially hate it when MC just cries and takes a million chapters to get back.


I’m not sure of how much of an “unpopular” opinion this is, considering that there was a thread that reached more than one page of people complaining about how much they hated him, but I disliked the Mean Girls story because I absolutely loathed Micah and how the story kept forcing him onto my MC. I don’t think the sequels were much better, but I chose Cameron (even though I frankly didn’t like him that much either; his only redeeming quality was the athletic build feature he had) solely to get away from him.


I read 3 or 4 chapters i felt the same, it’s boring how in some stories the whole idea about hot guys and dates
And about the fully released stories true that its not fair to wait for months to update a chapter but when i started writing i understand i mean it takes a lot of time to make a good well directed story and some authors block out sometime, so what I’ve done is completed 70% writing dialogs and now I’m improving my self in directing to make a cool and capturing story before publishing because I’m a reader too and I think I know what people might like
You can’t just publish all of it but i think it’s good if the author published 2 or 3 chapters a week this way people stay tuned and excited and if the story was crapy you wouldn’t publish more or delete it


Yeahh!! Like cmon, you know how boring it is to hear “She’s so mean to me” and bla bla bla! It gets soo repetitive!

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Yeah! To be honest, I loved mean girls AS a movie because it doesn’t seem…right?

Good! I bet your story is amazing!

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Thank you :heart: :heart_eyes:

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No problem girl!

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