Unpopular opinions about episode stories!

So, hopefully I don’t get any hate for this… but I really didn’t like the character Darryl from The Teacher. I stopped reading the story because of him. The other two guys were nice, but something about Darryl just turned me off.

In Dripping Mascara, I liked Mark as a person but not for Shelley. I just didn’t feel anything in their scenes together the way I did when she was with Matthew.

In Instant Princess, I probably would have chosen Prince Kareem in real life, but in the story, I picked Prince Claude because since Leona couldn’t stand him, I wanted to see how their ‘slow-burn’ relationship would play out. Plus, once he and Leona actually started talking, he seemed sincere and willing to break out of his sheltered bubble.


No hate here! Unfortunately I haven’t read two of the other stories you mentioned but oof ! What was it about Daryl that you didn’t like from, you know,being Mia’s teacher. :joy:

I didn’t like how he was rude to her in one of the early chapters, and his overall attitude, I think.

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Stories where only the MC/Love interest get any development are boring to me. Like, Beyond the Stage is so much fun because you don’t just get the lives of the MC and her group, but also the producers and family members get their own story arcs! Does anyone else love that as much as I do?



I’m not sure if this counts as an unpopular opinion. But there’s this one popular story, like…one of the first things you see sometimes depending on where you go, and I came across it, it was completed, has 31 chapters, I was like, why not? It’s Somewhere Along the Way, and…I don’t like it pretty much at all.

I just finished it this morning and I haven’t read any comments, I just had to get away from it. It left such a bad taste in my mouth, like it didn’t feel very romantic, just kinda…? Sad and horny mostly. I’m a very traditional person so the story just wasn’t for me at all. The only reason I had to finish it is because my dumbass had to name the MC after my alter ego, Nelida. Now, having this alter ego, she’s got a set personality already in my head and she was so vastly different (and that’s my fault for sure) but it literally left me feeling sick and kinda sad and depressed after some chapters. I’m glad its over, and there were some good parts in it, too. Some of the comedy was okay, I like that the author didn’t try to play it safe with the humor and was mostly original, A for effort, but yeah…my unpopular opinion (most likely) that it was just making me feel so sad simply because I didn’t agree with the characters’ choices and behaviors whatsoever.

I find that at the beginning of a lot of stories, they start really solid! Bad for My Heart and The New Girl are a couple of really popular stories that are user written, and I loved these stories when they first started, but then something kinda started happening…the story was just diminishing. You can tell the authors got way too comfortable with their audience after a while and its like they knew they didn’t have to try as hard anymore, so it didn’t feel as authentic anymore, which makes me even more sad than Somewhere Along the Way.

It’s like…when you watch a show, the first three seasons are usually pristine, and then the authors kinda falter at season 4 and onward sometimes. Not all the time, but yeah…I’m still reading The New Girl, and it’s great, I’ll finish it, and I’ll probably be good with it up to the end, but Bad For My Heart, I didn’t quite like the ending.

Just to clarify real quick, too. I’m not meaning to come off as hateful, and I’m so so so sorry if I did, I’m just trying to be real and not sugarcoat my opinion. >.>


I agree with your second half so much! I think a lot of popular stories don’t really know when to end. The further they get, the more they rely on narration and the less they give choices. That’s what I’ve noticed.


Aye. I don’t know why it happens, though. The way I do any kind of writing or drawing or anything, I basically do it with the hand of God as much as possible. Nothing should ever be lacking.

I understand that some things still need to be completed, and lose ends need to be tied up and questions answered, etc, so I don’t mind a very long story. My issue is that the author starts writing in such a way that isn’t as delicate and beautiful as before. Shrug…alas, -insert nonsense here-

I personally really really loathe it when the fourth wall is broken too much. Like…once every blue moon, hahaha, sure whatever, I can look passed it, but internal screaming when the fourth wall is broken way too much. >.>

I wanna experience a story. And maybe that’s just the gamer in me, there aren’t any fourth wall breaks in my games AT ALL, not a one of them, the ones I play and love the most. So I love them a little extra, lol.

I understand reader messages and stuff, but when the characters in Episode are like, “this animation is called…” or whatever, I’m just like -_-

There’s another unpopular opinion. XDXD


I also get annoyed when the story makes all of your choices for you. I’ll often customize the MC to look like my OC Nico, but then the MC ends up swooning over some bad boy 2 minutes in and I have to leave because it just doesn’t feel right.


Lmfaoooo I actually love the Mean Girls series (there were times where it genuinely made me laugh) but I agree with the Micah thing. But I also hated the MC too: like this chick has the dumbest effing reasons to want to go to Yale, and at the same time, she also rejects Yale for A HIGH SCHOOL GUY?! Like I’m just cringing.

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I think im the only 1 who really liked Micah…he was not a bad boy just snarky. He was obviously ambitious(english class and the play) i feel ppl wanna class every single person whos gaurded and snarky as a bad boy not true…MCs who personality was yale yale yale for no reason (probably cuz i gave no craps about it i wish we could have had more story outside of tht). With Micah it was like she was a normal highschooler.

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I like CC and want choices in a story. I really try to read stories wthout it but most are just bad OCs who i cannot relate to or share any resemblance with. I prefer and want CC and choices in a story.

Not every person who is gaurded and/or sarcastic (or prefers a darker wardrobe) is a “bad boy” i hate tht lotta ppl class characters as such when they really are not. True characters are complex.I do not like the polar oppisite either(nice guy perfect bf) or how hes shown as a “better” option for the MC

I feel most stories make more diverse characters when the genere is not romance ull possibly find more complex characters in a fantasy genere than romance(but most authors dont include a sub romance option with these well made characters)

Hate this virgin shaming slut gloryfying crap. If a person is not a party type or a hook up type do not force me to do tht to “break out of the shell” crap…nothings wrong wth a crush becoming a bf and them dating. You dont need to do the deed to solitify a relationship. And u dont need to hook up wth random dudes to show u can be “fun” and “loosen up” and hate the lack of choices in not being able to say no.

Sassy aka bitchy aka “strong” MCs ur not strong cuz u can cuss ppl out and supposedly give no fvcks or fight 5 guys untrained Hate ppl doing tht too there are other ways to be strong makes characters very Sueish.


I hate that too, that’s why I added a “last updates” list on my Episode profile. It shows the date of when I updated every chapter of my story so people could see by themselves if I’m being active. I don’t know if anyone really uses it, but it’s there :slight_smile:


I’m not so sure how unpopular this opinion is, but I think a lot of Episode’s stories put the romance in the spotlight while the main plot is less important, and I hate it. In my opinion, the plot is probably the most important thing in a story, along with character development. This is probably why I dislike the featured stories.
Unfortunately, I think many readers actually like it when the story revolves around romance. I’m a writer myself, and I’m constantly worried that people would stop reading my story because of the lack of romance. But I believe that romance is something that needs to develop along with the characters themselves and their relationships, so it’ll only come later on. And I don’t plan on letting it be the center of the story when the time does come.


Ugh, you have no idea how much I love you for this. I know it might sound weird since you basically said you didn’t like my story, but you have no idea how much I love good and non hateful criticism. I know my story isn’t for everyone and, believe me, if I would rewrite the story I’d change so many things from it. I’m just happy you gave it a chance and read it all and that you enjoyed my humor a little bit, lol. It would be awesome to know if you didn’t like my writing style in general or was it the story that made you sad? Thanks for your feedback!


LOL awkward

I PM’d you earlier today.


I stopped reading the teacher too

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