Unpopular Opinions: Episode Edition! 💫

I have no idea if this is already an existing topic, as far as I’m concerned the only “Unpopular Thread” relating to Episode I’ve seen created is about Episode Stories. :sweat_smile:

Skin Tones

These skin tones aren’t appreciated enough! Episode did such a good job with the dark ash skin tones, I wish they were used more often.

Facial Features

I’m not a huge fan of this face shape & mouth shape…I just don’t really get the appeal to them. It’s used so often I just :flushed:

This nose isn’t appreciated enough! I’m honestly guilty of it too, but it’s such a gorgeous feature. The nose shape & shading is incredible IMO!

"Limelight Boys VS Ink Boys


Limelight boys are a LOT cuter than INK boys IMO! Although, with the INK flirt animations I can say they appeal to me a lot more.


I can’t bring myself to liking either of these hairstyles, especially the afro. Those weird fly-aways are a big no no.

It Starts With A Bra & My Everything(In My Bed)

Don’t hate me but…I honestly liked these stories. Maybe it’s because of the satirical aspects because I literally laughed so much reading both of them. :flushed: I’m ashamed to say it…

That’s about all I have for now(?) Share your unpopular opinions! I wanna see them.


Honestly, I don’t really hate that whole cliche either IF it’s done right…It’s all about the way it’s written. I can’t say I like The New Girl or Clothes Off because I couldn’t finish the first two episodes if I really tried to :sweat_smile:


It really is! It’s so nice and full. I don’t get why it’s not used a lot.


It’s not the story itself that I hate about It Starts With A Bra and In My Bed, its the fact that episode featured the stories when it went against their own policies. If those stories were just random user stories it wouldn’t have been as controversial
(They were lowkey kind of cringy tho)


true but like the whole story was just…bad… :joy:


you right :joy:

Well to be fair episode doesn’t have anyone on thier team that I’ve seen with this type of hair texture so I don’t expect much from them, To me it looks like the ends have been relaxed or something…As if they’re transitioning from relaxed to natural…its really weird looking I cant explain it 0-o


So I honestly personally do not like the diamond contour face thing…it’s just a little…strange I guess? :woman_shrugging:


same! the contour just messes it up for me

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I have two opinions (I hope it’s topic-related):

  1. Well, it’s not that I dislike stories in Episode, but what I do dislike about stories is the fact that many authors add into chapters TMI scenes in detail. Do not get me wrong! I do not say that I have got problems with a romance genre or writing romance stories should be stopped, not at all (even though I can’t tell about myself that I am a romance lover), but come on, you should keep your own values.

I agree with @Mehasels at this point.
It’s not like I am coming now and decide to write a story by myself to get many reads and views, and readers will come and say: “you only write the story, so you’ll have many story views”, “you add diversity only because you want others to like you”, and more. No. I don’t want to be admired nor do I want to be loved by others. What I do want? A change. I want to represent my religion and culture by writing my own story (which is not publish yet, but I hope I’ll be able to do it soon), I want my religion to be represented by non-Jewish authors (only Jewish authors represent the religion), and of course I want authors to represent minorities, religion, in general.


By the way, about the hairstyles, I will agree with you that the afro hair you showed above looks weird, but the first hair - I do not see any problem with it, but I can’t say that I like it either :woman_shrugging:t4:


The white characters that are made with quote on quote “black features” i.e full lips, textured hair should stop being a thing. :roll_eyes:


Alright, so I’ve seen a lot of comments like this, but I have a cousin who is like, vampire white, but just slightly tanners by like, the tiniest bit, and her hair is brown, so fluffy, textured and curly.

I’m gonna sound so weird but sometimes i don’t like stories that have been completed before i start reading.
Lol hear me out!
I always want the stories to be completed.
But since i have many passes i always feel like i rush the stories to get to the finale.
So i prefer to read a story at it’s beggining so i can feel more engaged with it in a way!


I absolutely love the afro hairstyles

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Oml, same!!

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I know a lot of people don’t like the afro in the girls style because it’s too whatever, but I personally like that better than the short afro

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The LI in my story has afro hairstyle
I love it
Wish my hair was afro too

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You don’t get to control the way people look, same goes for characters. (:


Unpopular opinions?
Instant Princess is condescending and garbage
The Chain Reaction series is lame and drags on
TBP is the only good EO story I’ve read [so far]