Unpopular Opinions: Episode Edition! 💫

It looks like you realised that a bit too late, Tyler.:joy:

But on a serious note, my unpopular opinion is kind of the opposite of yours, but for a different reason.
I can’t stand reading at tablets, as the screen will be “cropped”, and you won’t be able to see everything the author intended you to see.


I agree with you, Luna! (wink)


There’s nothing wrong if someone wants to have children before marriage (or not even get married at all), their choice, their life :revolving_hearts:

Anyways, here’s an unpopular opinion (at least i think): I don’t like listening to the music from Episode stories. IK the authors spend a lot of time into putting it in their story but i rarely ever have the volume on and prefer having my own soundtrack as i’m reading.

P.S sorry if this has already been mentioned on this thread :sweat_smile:


But… but your eye sockets are empty… you do not have eyes.

Unpopular opinion: you do not need soooo many background characters for a couple of scenes. Calm down damn it!


Seriously. They’re the ugliest LL eyes. I hate when people use them. :joy:


I have been seeing an increasing number of stories with psychopaths being sexualized and romanticized. I just saw someone come out with a new story about a girl being forced to live with a psychopath in a different episode group. I just find this so messed up. It really bothers me because I know these authors aren’t educated in this topic and they don’t even KNOW what a real psychopath is. This is becoming a trope in the episode community and it’s something 100% should not be a trope. Yeah it’s one thing to have gang leaders, bad boys, and golden boys as a cliche but I am extremely disturbed by people doing the same with psychopaths. It is a mental illness and in these stories it’s being associated as something that’s hot now. This is just screwed up. I’m not against authors writing about psychopaths if they do their research and portray them how they actually are but to romanticize them is beyond disturbing.


Exactly. Sorry to delay the thread, but in my opinion, marriage isn’t necessary to raise a kid. I don’t know how’s it like in other countries, but here it’s normal for your parents to not be married.
In my opinion, showing not married couples having children it’s not the bad thing. However, romanticizing teen pregnancy and making it seem like no big deal is.


Unpopular opinions (that are kinda mention)

Episode Forums:

  • People in the forums should handle criticism, disagreements, misunderstanding correctly, It causes drama and conflicts, acknowledge facts or opinions of others as well. aHem some threads aHeM

  • I think other peeps in the forums are kinda rude or disrespecting, the cause of this is either some others have badly written grammar or typer/reader/receiver doesn’t get what they want when it comes to misunderstanding and other reasons. (My opinion)

  • Others should have better title for their thread to avoid any sort of misunderstanding, misleading or to offend others.

  • It’s really unneccesary to let out your problems in the forums if others typed it rudely or they start out their arguement. Detailed hate message is also included.


Not sure if this is an unpopular or popular opinion but I think authors should really take their time in publishing a chapter so they don’t have to go back and revamp.


I think it would be cool to read Episode on the computer so we won’t have to worry about reading them on our phones.


I’d love to see more Jewish stories on episode, the religion doesn’t even come close to be represented enough on the app! Of course I have absolutely no problem with any other religions, but naturally as a Jewish person it’s really nice to see my own religion in stories as well as others.
I have not written anything on the app, but if at some point I will, (I’ll have to learn to code too, and ugh that seems hard) I’ll definitely write a story with Jewish characters that are well represented, I don’t know why there aren’t more of those.


(I think it’s a pretty unpopular opinion)

I think there’s really not anything wrong going on when white authors write a lot more white characters than POC ones, it’s pretty natural to write something you are familiar with better, and t’s not necessarily discrimination-- if it is, then it’s 100% wrong, no doubt, but I think a lot of times people will just write and design the characters how they themselves know best and they might as well be afraid to accidentally come out as racist or something by writing a POC character in a way that might come out as offensive.


As long as people aren’t adhering to offensive stereotypes, I can’t find a good reason for them to be afraid to write about POC.


But isn’t that the same for Jewish characters?

sorry for not so short rant about religion and races lol

From my point of view, I really don’t care about ethnicity or religion, whatsoever.
There is basically zero religion in my life and I hardly know any religious people. However, I do know a lot about religion(s), but I just cannot find anything valuable about it. I am totally fine with whatever religion people live and include in their day to day life, I just think it is not for the public and has no place in any governance system whatsoever.
I don’t know if this is an American thing, but I don’t see what als this race talking is about. Claiming that a certain race is misrepresented to me is kinda racist in itself. I don’t see why we need labels and certain things attached to people because of whatever they look like. Where I live, there are no such things as race xy community.
If an individual looks kinda different than others, then that is because people further down in his/her family tree might have been born somewhere else in the world. And that, to me, is already more than I need to know about that persons “race”. If you moved to a different country like in recent years I surely see how that makes you “different”, as you have grown up in a different culture and all that. But that is just not the case if you’re family migrated like decades ago. You’re nothing different, what is all of this about. Sorry if this is not Episode related anymore (ahem). I have a hard time understanding all that racism in America, because everyone is an immigrant and defining yourself by race would mean none of them is really American. But on the other hand everyone is just so proud to be American… I don’t get it.

long ass rant in answer

Oh, I really don’t get all of that either… There’s not so much racism like that where I’m from (there is, but not nearly as much, and it’s not such big of a deal, not even close) I just tried to understand it, and that was just expressing an opinion.
and also, I don’t think that with religion is exactly the same as with color/ race. It’s easier to just search about structures of other religions than about lives as-- whatever race (usually black) and i think it’s easier to write too. I’m Jewish and i wouldn’t find it even remotely difficult to theoretically write about characters from other religions. But race is a more controversial subject and something that always shows. Someone can be from a certain religion and not religious at all, you wouldn’t even know their religion until they said what it was, but with race it’s a bit different. (I am not even close to be religious, and I don’t really mind those things that much in general)

i’m from Israel btw, there are so many mixed cultures because people got here (and some still get here) from other countries,. I really, seriously don’t get that thing in America, they have such diversity and so many immigrants but yet, it’s like all races are separated, i don’t think i’ll ever get it, but it’s the reality i guess.
I mean, diversity just seems natural to me, Israel is a really diverse country (by race, not religion, most of the population is Jewish and the rest is Muslim)


I think the point is exactly that. I can just make some characters black or Asian or whatever, just have them look that way but not having to explain anything about it. As you said, you don’t usually see ones religion and therefore would have to explain it - and that is my problem with it. If I talk and explain someones religious backstory it has to be of significance to the plot. And that could be pretty hard to pull off, especially if you are not like first level familiar with the religion and its potential issues in life.


Yeah, I can see that problem… While you’re right about someone just looking like whatever, a lot of times, it can be a whole backstory or difficulty in life etc. but if you just make them in that color and not acknowledge anything-- obviously, then it’s super easy.
But to be fair, religion can be there as casually as that. you can mention no one’s religion or maybe in some situation make someone mention their religion without a whole thing, or say they’re not religious and there’s not much to it.
I think it’s a choice to really write about these kinds of things or not, but if someone wants to write and really go into a religion or culture, you can find most information online, and if there’s a really controversial and sensitive it’s probably rather just not.

I agree completely. Religion is much harder for me to write than well…just adding a regular character that happens to be black? It’s a bit annoying to me when I constantly see people excuse their exclusiveness when it comes down to creating characters in their stories. (in my opinion) I feel like a lot of the people saying that & doing it are associating anyone who’s not white with negative stereotypes. Like I said above, as long as you aren’t blatantly adhering to these negative stereotypes what’s the need to be afraid? Saying “people might get offended!1” isn’t a good enough reason to me. It never has been, and it never will be. I highly doubt there’ll be multiple people in your fan-mail complaining about how stereotypical your black character is acting if you didn’t associate that black character with the stereotypes in the first place.

There’s absolutely no need to make a POC characters personality solely based on their struggles. Yes, it is without doubt that POC (around the world. honestly) struggle with racism & mistreatment in their lives. But that does NOT mean you have to write about it in your stories if you’re uncomfortable with doing that, it does NOT mean that’s all your POC character is about. Because in reality, that’s really not what we’re all about. We are humans, we have personalities, we have quirks, and share multiple interests as the white person next to us.

With religion, it’s a lot different. If I had not been on the internet for a while now, if I had not researched whether Muslims are supposed to dress modestly, or not supposed to eat pork, I wouldn’t have known at all. In fact, I’ve actually had a character who was supposed to be a Muslim woman with a hijab and all, but the clothes I dressed her in weren’t modest. That was around 2 years ago. I’m glad I know now, because I know I won’t be disrespecting tradition and value. It’s important to research about the culture or religion of whatever your character is apart of, because you want to make sure to represent that correctly. Just my two cents


Damn I only wish other races had the PRIVILEGE of writing characters of their own race without being treated as if they’re invisible on this app.

Like who? Like which races get ignored? I truly don’t know what you mean (exactly, I got the general idea)