Unpopular Opinions Thread



We did this in one of my classes a few days ago, we wrote down some of our unpopular opinions and shared them with the class, it was an icebreaker exercise that my prof created, but it went kind of bad halfway through because some people started arguing lol but for the most part it was fun. (before the argument we had some disagreements but were still respectful of each other)

•The reason why a lot of people aren’t vegan or against veganism is simply ignorance.

•Social media, lowkey, makes me lose interest in school.

•I hate that things that things were considered ghetto when ”certain people” did are now fashionable amongst others ie: Grills, longs nails, braids, clothes style, hip hop etc

•Natural Hair: shrinkage is so beautiful and I wish more girls embraced it rather than spent time trying to prove how long their hair is.

•Wearing designer clothes doesn’t mean you can dress.

•It’s weird that High school was the highlight of some people lives. I get that HS may have been fun or whatever but I can’t imagine being a whole adult talking about missing HS

•College>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>High school

•Friends, the show, is boring

•Mean teachers don’t make as much as an impact on students lives as much as they think they do. I remember my nice teacher over the strict mean ones.


Not always though. I disagree with veganism because of their methods of growing vegetables and how some of them act. But I see what you mean.


Ariana Grande is not all that.


  • Capital Punishment should be used more frequently on violent criminals instead of filling up prisons


BilLiE ElLiSH is oVerATEd, I like her music but honestly it’s not all that great but it’s good :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Beyonce is oVErRATed, not vocally or music wise but if she burps or something “Oh my God, such a queen!!!”

Y tho


Someone GETS MEEE! Thank u, idk wat all the hype is abt. Like for real/

  • What the hell is a vlog squad? Honestly, no tea, no shade butt… Idk why david dobrik and all have so many subscribers

  • Liza koshy isn’t funny and is overrated

  • designer clothing is mostly ugly

I’ll add more soon


I honestly believe Ariana Grande gets way too much hate…like now people are criticizing her for wearing a green apron…Okay.


I love Ari and people hate her for breaking up with Mac even though their relationship was unhealthy :upside_down_face:


People will blame her for literally anything, lol. First they blamed her for Macs death, then they blamed her for Pete’s suicidal thoughts. She really can’t win.


Poor girl :sweat:


I think people also seem to forget although she’s a celebrity, she struggles with her mental health as well. We should take that seriously just as much as the normal person.


Not to mention Manchester, I’m so proud that she actually went back and did a benefit concert with other celebs to raise money for the families effected :upside_down_face:


Same! I’m proud of her growth and I hope she continues to be the strong woman she is.


Not only is she a strong woman but a generous one too.


I agree. I’ve never really like Ariana Grande or her music. She’s way too overrrated.

Actually, I liked her music from Victorious.
Don’t get me wrong, Ariana has some amazing vocals, but I’ve never been a fan.

I agree ngl. Capital Punishment should be legal in more states.


Honestly most people only get/like designer clothing because it’s designer. My friend got these UGLY pair of sneakers for 900 dollars just because of the brand.

What do you mean by the methods? And yeah I know it’s not everyone but like some people are just so close minded about it, its annoying. I saw someone try argue that being vegan can just as bad as killing animals are for because ”PlAnTs HaVe fEeLiNgS tOo”. Some vegans are overbearing. I’m a pescatarian and I follow the pescatarian hashtag on Instagram and this girl who is vegan also post rude things about pescatarian that show up in the hashtags it’s so annoying.


I don’t even know that person but seriously… Getting criticized over wearing a green apron? I mean celebrities get nagged and tortured when they eat a doughnut in public, but this is just beyond stupid. I cannot believe how STUPID the media is. Apparently looking at gossip magazine covers is bad because it makes you internalize body shaming and s___, but I just look at them for a reason to rant. People get annoyed when I rant for a long time though.


Plants do have feelings but they are different from animal ones, but you still have to eat, or die, so…


I agree. I think it should happen to school shooters and murderers, human traffickers and rapists and stuff.