Unpopular Opinions Thread



Unpopular opinions:

  • I hate when people say “idc idc idc” after a stupid sentence that they make. (Like for example; “boys who make a finsta are gay! idc idc idc!”) like shut up, you annoying piece of crap.

  • trust me on this, I can never read stories that have the MC cheating or the LI. I don’t understand who can read those kind of stories.

  • I HATE WHEN GIRLS SAY “PERIOD” after an argument. Like that’s so annoying. You act like you’re the leader of the debate or selmthing.

  • This world has so much poverty and homeless People but so many people don’t give a shit because all they care about is Tristan cheating on Khloe. I saw a video where a certain part of Haiti, they eat mud for food. MUD! And even children starve to death!!

I just realized these might not be unpopular :joy::joy:


Poverty really is a big issue, much bigger than celebrity breakups :grin:


THANK YOU! I am sick of people giving these dumb excuses like, “He/She is your insert relation” Nobody needs toxic people in their lives!


I was thinking the same thing! It’s disgusting!!


calling billie eilish / beyonce overrated is overrated


I agree, those story nowadays are the trending stories on episode right now.
Same plot, same goal etc, I don’t get what’s the buzz about those stories.


I feel you :disappointed_relieved:


I totes agree with you, Girls usually are sort of recommended to wear skirts and dresses at my school but I think they’re allowed to wear anything they want.


Exactly. Like if a girl doesn’t feel confident/comfortable in a certain piece of clothing no one should expect from her to wear it :roll_eyes:


I know, Its sort of a thing nowadays that girls have to stick to the “girl code”.


Yeah, just let a girl dress however she likes. It’s not like she will just turn up at an event wearing a trash bag :roll_eyes:


Nicely Said


Thanks I guess :grinning:


People should stop questioning what is “wrong” with people that write, generally speaking, disturbing stories. What one writes/reads about does not mirror what is going on in one’s mind. Moralists take it too far at times.

  • Onions are delicious mmmm
  • Don’t correct people if they make a mistake with spelling/grammar unless they specifically ask you to! English may not be their first language and I can guarantee that you make mistakes too.
  • People need to understand not not everyone is able to go vegan/vegetarian for their own reasons even if they want to.
  • Bacon is gross.
  • The Greatest Showman was a bad movie.
  • I don’t like Coca Cola.
  • Pineapple on pizza is a blessing, honestly. Delicious.


This is very true. I am an English speaker and I suck at leaning French (but I’ll admit that I’m one of those people you dislike), however, even I get sick of English people getting angry when people don’t know English. It works both ways darling.


•I hate when people say ”Everyone is so sensitive” no they are not, you’re just mad that you can’t be openly problematic anymore, shut up

•Depending on your career choice, College isn’t necessary for everyone

•Making students public speak when they don’t want to does NOT help them. It makes them more nervous

•Students (In HS and College) are drowning in their depression and anxiety at an alarming rate and no one is doing anything about.

•Some of the topics we learned in school are WORTHLESS compared to the topics we should’ve learned (finances/financial subjects)

•There’s absolutely nothing wrong twerking, it doesn’t make you a hoe, slut, ratchet, or ghetto . I hate when people talk shit about twerking like it’s not meant to be taken seriously, it’s just a dance.

•As much as people like to act like it doesn’t, having a different religious or political belief from a friend or a partner can, possibly, impact the relationship

•I will never find the public nuisance type pranks funny, acting like a complete idiot in public and harassing people will never be funny.

•I hate when people say things like ”having mixed babies will solve racism” or ”dating interracially will solve racism” you’re a complete idiot if you think that’s true.

•Celebrities do not owe you ANYTHING. Stop acting like you’re entitled to an autograph, a picture, handshake etc when you see them.


Actually, capital punishment costs more and fills up prisons more in states where it’s legal (I work for a law office and was on an advisory research board for the governor so let me put on my scholar glasses for a moment)

The problem is that those who are sentenced to capital punishment 1) aren’t available for rehabilitation programs 2) have access to the appeals system and 3) are required to a higher standard of security.

I’ll try to explain these as simply and briefly as possible but

  1. In many states where capital punishment is legal, the lowest bar to receive it is homicide (sometimes first degree which means premeditated, sometimes second degree if it’s particularly gruesome). In many death row inmates’ cases, they’re not serial killers and were driven to act by specific circumstances. If they served a sentence and returned into the real world, they would be at low risk of offending again. However, because of their sentence, they are not available for rehabilitation programs or any means of getting them out of prison, meaning more people are imprisoned who might have been released.

  2. It is every prisoner’s right to appeal their case. That’s just part of our democracy, as unfair as it might seem. And death row inmates get access to special appeals, reviews, and petitions. This means that not only do the initial trials cost more (as they are higher stakes, meriting more experts, more testimony, more time), but all these appeals cost money to file, consider, and make good on. It’s cheaper to give someone life in prison that it is to execute them.

  3. This one is fairly obvious- death row is maximum security, despite many inmates being at little to no risk of flight or violent confrontation. That’s more procedures, more guards, and more precautions, most of which are unneeded for many inmates.

Prison overcrowding is absolutely a problem in America, but the ‘crowds’ aren’t death’s row inmates. They’re lower level petty crimes and overwhelmingly drug offenses-violent offenses only make up less than 5% of our federal prison population. The solution to overcrowding isn’t to kill all these people, it’s to reform the system of recidivism and create programs that help people get education and job prospects in the first place.

This is all to say that sometimes there are people who are so evil, so heinous, that they deserve to rot in prison- Ted Bundy comes to mind. But overall, capital punishment doesn’t save states money or end overcrowding.


If that was the case, racism would have ended long ago. :joy: People are so dumb.


Hey, that’s really interesting to know! Thank you for responding. Learn something new everyday