Unpopular Opinions Thread



So dumb! I hate when people say that, I’m like mixed people still experience racism :joy:


It reminds me this :joy:


lmao. honestly tho if u dont like someone dont call them overrated kmt


Exactly there’s some good singers whose music I dont really care for but I’m not going to say they are overrated if they’re not.


•It is SO RUDE to ask someone of a certain age why they don’t have kids or when they’ll have children because you never know what they are going through.

•A lot of people are only in/only went to college to please their parents/families

•Y’all don’t know the difference between a Preference and a Fetish.

•I HATE the misuse of the words Foreign and Exotic. I know this girl whose username on all of her social media accounts has Foreign in it. So one my friends ask her where she from, she says where she’s from (which is a state in the us) so my friend asked her what makes her foreign this girl says ”My mom is from France” :woman_facepalming:t4:

  1. Dont “gatekeep” mental health, if someone is self diagnosing theres probably a reason. This behavior stops people from getting help cuz they feel they are faking how they feel or arent sick enough/as bad as other people.

  2. I hate this “strong female character” stuff…tht includes:
    The bitchy MC who gets away wth it cuz shes “strong/funny”
    The one who can beat up anyone wth no training at all
    The ones who backtalk 24/7(like stfu)
    The ones who dont thank anyone(usually the guy) for literally saving them when they needed it.
    The one who has a forced breakdown after being a raging bitch the whole story to show how “vulnerable” she is…its not convincing

  3. I dont like whip cream or watermelon

  4. Episodes still needs more natrual hairstyles( cute ones on the same lvl as other hairstyles on episodes) and by natrual i mean tight curls not loose silky ones

  5. Mental health stories on episodes are done so poorly. Its always cliche sad white MC is cured by love.

  6. The guys in episodes are never cute…no matter how i customize or someone else does they are never cute…in LL the lips always look too high on the face and the hairstyles for guys are awful. Even the ones i like(hair) still suck…if they are decent looking they always have awful personalities.

  7. I hate when characters in stories do “it” to show how much they “love” each other its unecessary…authors never give u a choice either…ur forced to take things tht far. S3xual stuff shouldnt be a requirement for a romantic relationship…idk i just dont think its necessary/and its gross…


I agree. “Strong” female characters are annoying. A real strong female character doesn’t have to beat everyone up and act like a bitch. I hate stories that portray “strong female characters” like that, because it isn’t strong, it’s being bitchy. I’d like it if authors put strong female characters as people who’ve gone through a tough time, maybe mental health issues or troubles in their lives, but are strong in a way that they keep going and surviving. That’s the kind of strong authors should use. :smile:


Yes n.n
I’d like to see that more thats strong


I don’t like soda at all. Seriously, I’ve only had a few sips of soda in my entire life.
This goes for tea also. I do like dipping biscuits in tea, though.


THISSS! Stop making people feel like they are attention seeking. A lot of people self-diagnosis and their diagnoses is usually correct. Telling people they ”faking” or ”seeking attention” is kind of the equivalent of people telling someone with depression or anxiety that ”its all in their head”

Honestly…some of the s3x really aren’t necessary. There just thrown in there for ”excitement”
I’m kind of grown (lol) and I’m shocked by how graphic some of the s3x scene are. I think some authors need to realize that there are children that read their stories and tone it down I bit.

I haven’t read many stories like but this is a dangerous agenda to push…, love is amazing but it doesn’t solve everything. People need to understand that falling in Love or finding love doesn’t cure depression, it’s not that simple.

The accuracy of all of this! I like reading stories of women being strong and independent. But every characters acts same way. The extremely rude sarcastic tone, bitchy attitude, the ”idgaf but at the same time I do” attitude… it’s so annoying.


TES V is better than Oblivion plot-wise.

LoZ: Twilight Princess IS NOT THAT GREAT

Fight me


People need to stop saying or representing women empowerment as promiscuous, classless, and inappropriate behavior. Like the Twerk video by City Girls? How does getting paid to twerk in a video and being butt naked “women empowerment”? It’s ridiculous this is what supposed to represent us women. :expressionless: I rather be seen as classy and elegant, educated than only seen to have such low standards and disgustingly sexual.


very ridiculous.


I agree :raised_hands:t3: Well said. All women aren’t so revealing. There are some who are modest and classy :innocent:




finally someone said it.


Whip cream is disgusting, but I do love watermelon though haha. I do agree with you by the way😇


Well said :raised_hands:t3:


Vegetarians are not bad people just because they don’t eat meat :expressionless: to be honest, I’d rather eat mostly vegetables and fruits more than junk food…


and scared to even say anything, probably have a stage fright or just a fright.