Unpopular Opinions Thread




  • I like the old Ariana Grande songs, but for her newest songs the only one I like is No Tears Left to Cry
  • I just realized I’ll probably never get to see Shawn Mendes perform irl and it basically is torcher everytime I see something about the tour…
  • What’s with it with K-pop? Their music is annoying and the boy bands especially BTS act weird as if they were trying to get girls to swoon over them. They also act like they are the best people in the world.


I don’t really like BTS nor K-Pop. It’s just pop but with Koreans. It’s not really any different. :no_mouth:


I’m not a huge fan of pop it depends on the singer. I like acoustic pop is just that the kpop bands are sorta prideful in a way

  • Girls/women can’t play shooting games, or any kind of games that boys/men play.

Paa-leasseeeee gimme a break, everyone is a gamer, doesn’t matter what kind of game you are playing whether you are man or woman, girl or boy.


I’d say the three “rappers” of that song aren’t for women empowerment either… Of course empowerment can include sexual liberation and dressing proactively, but also having few partners and dress modestly. Empowerment is about respecting all the lifestyles of women, not just one.


Cardi is just ratchet along with the City girls or whatever, so no, they shouldn’t be advocates to represent women.

Exacly. Smh. Serving one demographic of women is not empowerment at all! What was she thinking when she said that? I would prefer is she said body positivity but it doesn’t do that either.


Real Country music… isn’t that bad.

Oh god I’m so ashamed for admitting it :flushed:
Don’t look at me! :anguished::sob:

  • Kpop is quite annoying.
  • Cardi B is an imbecile and does not deserve her fame (she can’t rap either).
  • Pickles are disgusting.

  • You can be successful without having a college degree
  • Rap music sends bad messages to young people
  • Creativity should be expressed more often
  • The real world isn’t so easy to live in all the time
  • Celebrities shouldn’t be praised more than anyone else because they are humans just like everyone else


I love country music, lol


Finally someone said it!!! I’m not rlly into rap, but my younger sister is and gawd, the “artists” she listens to have songs about life being pointless/sad/etc. Like, why would someone enjoy that kind of music?? Just try to promote happiness :slightly_smiling_face:


Not all but some yeah.


Yeah, but these days rap music isn’t good for young people to hear.


I’ve never been into rap music because I think it sounds crazy.


Depends on who you listen to.

In the UK, there a few big “storytellers” who rap about important topics, such as life or politics.


However, I do agree that some people, both young and old, can be impressionable.


Yeah but it depends on the individual they listen to. Childish Gambino and Jay Z and J Cole have deep and meaningful messages for their raps.


You’re right. I’ve heard one song by Childish Gambino, and it was a song that he made last year, and it had a powerful message within it. I do agree with you.


Same, I know some people enjoy it, but personally I don’t know what’s so “cool” about it :unamused: