Unpopular Opinions Thread



It annoys the f**k out of me when people are all like, “Long distance relationships involves a lot of cheating” even people in local relationships get cheated on.


I agree with everything you said right there.


Woo hoo! Great minds think alike!


I mean my boyfriend lives a whole 111 miles away from me and lives in the state next to mine. We have been together for 5 months and that’s longer than most relationships in my grade and school and just generally… and trust me, me and my boyfriend really do love each other and dont cheat. I can even promise you. People just dont really understand it.


I know right! Good thing you and your boyfriend are really sane unlike this couple I was friends with. They live in the US (different states of course) and oh man, they fight like married couples! Like they go advertising their relationship problems on Facebook and drag others into their problems. Even ironic is that they have been together for 5 years and they never met. I think they broke up now because of how badly they mistreated me because I didn’t want to third wheel in the group chats with them.


Yeah, I mean me and him fight some times on text and call but that only brings us closer and it’s good, and I feel like we are getting all of it out so when we are finally together and meet it wont happen at all and our bond will be even stronger, but I can’t stand those couples who brag about having someone and they dont even love them or their relationship is really just toxic asf. Also cant stand the people who have never dated really or actually fell in love say that since two people are apart that they wont last and the distance will ruin them and one will just cheat and I just want to punch them because they don’t understand how it’s amazing two people fall in love with each other and they havent even been face to face or even touched that person, that’s the amazing part about dating distantly. That’s what they dont get.


Oh man tell me about it. There are cheating going on in some relationships that are local like if the person lives 20 mins away from them.

I can’t stand these ultra negative people that trash talk about people that are in a relationship. If they are happy, leave them alone.


Exactly like, cheating goes on so much with couples that are able to wrap their arms around each other, and they take it all for granted. And agreed, they should just be glad they are happy and live their own life like dang


True that.

The couple I was telling you about were so bitter with me because of the fact that they didn’t put the effort into meeting up with each other. It was so weird of them to go trash talking long distant relationships that actually worked when two people put effort into seeing each other. It was unbelievable! They were acting like high school kids and they’re like in their 20s.


Damn. Not surprising if they get salty about the couple who do last distantly and put the effort in, but unfortunately for me, I’m too young to drive and to see him and that hurts so me and him have to wait until college or maybe, just maybe, high school. :disappointed:


Aww I’m sure you guys will last :smiley: don’t worry, you will one day. How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?

Yeah, it was so hilarious to see other people roasting the s**t out of them for being so salty. There was another couple I was friends with and boy they were mega salty like the couple I was telling you about.


Dang, I bet, and let’s further this to via PM, so I can keep my age private from others. And thank you, him and I will meet :blush:


Sure thing :D, best not to advertise all of this shizzle here


I think this may be a popular opinion nowadays. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Lol how the hell is it possible that I agree with everything on this list


Ooops my bad! I thought a lot of people like her music cause her music is pretty popular.


A lot of people do like her music but then again a lot of people think it’s just generic trash :joy: I don’t understand it but to each their own!


Lol true.

I would rather listen to Iggy Azealea than Ariana Grande


I admit her new song Sally Walker bops, but I’m more of a fan of R&B and pop music which is probably why I’m so in love with her new album!


Bops? Sorry, I am an old fart and I tend to be behind all these lingos.