Unpopular Opinions Thread



It’s kind of just like vibing to music


Oooo okies

  • Respect is something that a lot of people lack
  • Trying to fit it will only make a person miserable and unhappy
  • Being the popular kid in school isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread
  • A person can benefit from going to school
  • Following your dreams isn’t some fairy tale that is made up and seen throughout Disney movies; it gives a person motivation
  • Being different and unique in your own way isn’t overrated


ok! I’ll add mine!

Music -

  1. Most well known Pop Artists sound the same or have very similar aesthetics

  2. Ariana Grande and Beyoncé are overrated

  3. James Charles is a generic singer at best

  4. BigBang are way better than BTS :laughing:

Politics and General controversial Topics-

  1. Brexit is a good thing

  2. Feminism is toxic

  3. Animals have rights but Vegans shouldn’t stop us from eating them

  4. The whole SJW, Fat shaming community thing that is all over the internet needs to stop

  5. I’m not against the LGBTQ community but I don’t believe you need a whole month dedicated to it

  6. The #MeToo movement needs to be revaluated

  7. University should be Free

  8. You shouldn’t need a Degree to become a Police Officer (UK Only I believe)

Episode community lmao -

  1. Most of Episode featured stories are basically the same plot although I did enjoy Matchmaker and the Baby Project

  2. Leaving the community threads are pointless

So apparently my post was hidden for being inappropriate? This is unpopular opinions thread for a reason lmao. If you want to discuss stuff that I have said, feel free to PM me!

  1. The flagging system needs to be removed because it’s super corrupt

  2. The new girl, The shaw brothers and the Chain reaction series are all boring


I feel like more people need to believe in these!
These are literally the facts of life :smile:


Period :open_hands:t4:


My unpopular opinions:

  • Not all women need/ want children and people need to stop making such a big deal out of it.
  • Bacon is horrible
  • Game Of Thrones Season 7 wasn’t bad
  • I’m 100% for Abortion
  • Feminism is hated too much, those women you see demanding every man to do (whatever) and then preach equality aren’t feminists.
  • XXXtentacion is a bad rapper
  • Lord Of The Flies is a bad film, not a great book either
  • Aaaaaanndd I’ll add more later


Exactly! I dont want kids and people tell me that I will change my mind or they say its just a phase like noo it’s not! And plus, we are already increasing in population due to the amount of births and that’s not good


Don’t wanna go off topic, so I’ll just ask you if you could be so kind to PM me why. :thinking:


sure! Would love to discuss it :smile:



Even though I don’t really listen to k-pop or James Charles lol


PREACH! I am sick of idiots calling us horrible women for not wanting children. There are women out there who can’t have children!


  • Throwing shade at women who are allergic to certain make up products does not make you the bigger person

  • First & last pieces of the bread are tasty

Oh man, I remember these idiots on Twitter used to say that s**t


I’ve never understood why people are so upset when their fav artist or an artist that wasn’t known like that becomes popular. I would think you’d want this artist to become a household name and get the recognition they deserve.


My thoughts exactly.

Like they asked for it in the beginning.


I have to say social media is SO overrated, my mother doesn’t let me have Instagram or Snapchat because she doesn’t think I necessarily need it but also because she thinks it’s not a good platform. Recently there have been some bad things going on with Instagram so she’s drifting a bit more away with letting me get it. All of my friend literally make fun of me for not have Instagram or Snapchat and I’m just like I don’t need it but they would never understand, since they got it when they were only eight or something and I didn’t even get my first phone till I was 11 or 12. Even if I did have it, I wouldn’t get the hype with it


Why are you for Abortion? I want to hear your thoughts as I have been thinking about whether it’s okay or not and I’m veering more to the okay side, but I want to hear your thoughts?


Same, I didnt get my first phone until I turned 13 and even then, they made me pay for it and even after always being made fun of by people and my friends for not having a phone, I always thought it was so prior to have one and now having one, I dont see the hype in owning one or in social media. I’m only allowed to have either Instagram or Snapchat and I just have Snapchat now. To summarize this all, I agree with social media and phones are overrated.


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Never mind :roll_eyes: