Unpopular Opinions Thread



Pardon me? What? :thinking:


social media is amazing
real life is awfull
the show teen moms sucks and promotes young pregnancy
death is good


Well, here are my unpopular opinions:
~if you don’t respect me, I won’t respect you just because you’re older
~being an atheist does not make you a devil worshipper (I’m an atheist myself and my colleagues keep assuming that)
~judging people based on what they look like/music they listen to/religion/etc. is dumb
~shoving your religion down your children’s/students’ throats is messed up
~Elvis isn’t the king of rock n’roll
~pigeons are awesome
~girls shouldn’t be forced to wear dresses/skirts to special events (as a tomboy, it happens to me a lot)

(these are my opinions and I hope I’m not offending anyone :slightly_smiling_face: )


if people force me to do this then I’m not even going I won’t go to a special event where I can’t be myself


I meant that not every couple is obligated to have children


Holy mackerel!

That is ridiculous! They shouldn’t have broken up multiple times then.


Also, I had this friend who married his high school sweetheart. Altogether, they were together for 7 years but unfortunately it didn’t work (he got married so young and he’s now 27 years old).


Same I hate it and most of the time the people organising the event don’t even care (like if it’s a wedding, etc.)

  • Camilla Cabello is overrated

  • Birthday cakes with so much whip cream is gross af

  • Pizza is great and all but it’s overrated

  • Burger with onion rings is so good

  • Roses are so pretty. Especially black and red <3

  • 7Up is better than Coca Cola

  • Papayas are yummy


Yup, it taste delicious!

Tell me about it. They’re literally advertising their business to the whole world

I totally agree, it’s awful!


I really really like brocoli. :broccoli:


•Social media can be toxic, a break from it is needed sometimes

•Calling someone’s cultural/ethnic food nasty or gross is so rude.

•Parents need to stop looking towards celebrities to be role model for their children. It’s not a celebrity’s jobs to be role models for your children. (this is referring to the celebs that don’t act/make music for children)

•People that force religion on you are freaking annoying.

•Some of y’all don’t know the difference between race, ethnicity and nationality and it’s shows

•AfroLatinx people are neglected in the community

•Short Hair>>>>>>>Long hair

•Brown eyes are beautiful

•Wearing makeup,weaves or getting plastic surgery doesn’t mean you’re insecure


Boy it really gets on my nerves that people like to throw anyone under the bus for trying to feel good about themselves and it’s discouraging af. It’s none of their concern if people want to wear makeup/weaves/get plastic surgery…their body their choice.


This :raised_hands:


YES… short hair… is like so much better


Oof I hate dresses and skirts.


Unpopular Opinion: Bacon isn’t even that good. I don’t like it. If it was one of the only things I could eat, yeah I’d eat it and it wouldn’t be to bad, however, I’d rather not eat it. It just doesn’t taste that good.


i like celery and hate cake.


Unpopular Opinion: BTS sucks. Sorry Kpop fans. If you like them, k cool, not my place to judge. But I personally don’t like them at all.


The word “flex” is just…no