Unpopular Opinions Thread





i got episode unpopular ops

  • the shaw brothers are overrated ngl .

  • LL is lowkey ugly lmaooo

adding more soon .


I agree with the shaw brothers thing. (No hate to the author or the fans) And yeah, sometimes LL can be ugly, but generally I like it.


yep ! i lowkey like it too but its some of the animations that make me think theyre ugly tbh


Mmm yeah definitely agree with you there. Also ugh the CRYING animations! NOOOOOO! (I still use them cause ya know, what else am I gonna do, but still :expressionless:)


and especially that animation where they got shocked or scared like chill, stop shaking sm omgg


•Talking about bad things that go on in the world doesn’t mean your pessimistic.
• Being a cat/dog person is stupid. All animals are great!
•Our world is a horrible place overall, literally everything is the product of deforestation, poverty, pollution, animal cruelty, corruption ect.
•Phrases like “sis, tea, wig, PERIDOT” are overused and obnoxious.
•Shows like Dr. Phil are encouraging people to act horrible in the chance they might get famous.
•America’s food is SO unhealthy. Way too much sugar and empty calories.
•Flexers are the scum of the earth. Wasting money on stupid sh*t while some people are literally starving to death.
•Bugs are cool just not when they’re within 10 feet from me.
•Female sexuality is still taboo.

That’s all for now. :clown_face:


Mmmmm yeah


And humans are destroying themselves, causing depression and s___ like what the f___ they all are trying to get money all the conservation things are too small and ineffective.


I know! I got really sad today cuz I watched this video on Chinese fur trade. It showed graphic video of how they treat animals. Skinning them alive, beating them, ect. All for profit. It’s sickening how people and animals are treated.


I mean come on can’t they just have ONE MORSEL of kindness and shoot them first or something? McDonalds beats their chickens to death, and make them live in disgusting conditions (the chickens are literally piled on top of each other instead of being crammed in cages, chickens are getting trampled and dying.

Hml fact if I'm not wrong (I hooooooooope I am)

I read that approximately 6% of hot dogs have human flesh in them. Some people were drinking the blood of their enemies and sent the rest of them to the slaughterhouses and the slaughterhouses used the people. Now there’s for inhumane humans.


oh yeah. I’ve watched videos of animals living conditions. It’s horrible. They are crammed into tiny cages and covered in feces. They kill a lot of the male chickens because they can’t lay eggs. I’ve even heard that they feed the adult chickens other dead chickens. (Idk if that’s true or not tho. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was)
In China they torture dogs before they kill them for meat because they believe that torturing them makes them taste better. It sucks too because it’s impossible for anyone to stop it because of the large demand for it.
The people who torture innocent, defenseless animals deserve a lifetime sentence in the pits of hell.


People feed dead cow to cows…
I think torturing dogs will make them taste worse because now they are filled with hatred and are angry ghosts out to get you.
A lifetime in hell, drowning in lava with thousands of pounds of (unmeltable) weights pulling them deeper until they are crushed by the weight. The animals that they murdered can watch from heaven and laugh.


Agreed. If i saw someone torturing an animal right in front of me I don’t think I could stop my self from digging their eyes out. I can’t even call those people “human” because they have no humanity.

It’s very graphic so I don’t necessarily recommend it but if you are curious about the evil fur trade you can look up “Chinese fur trade” It literally made me cry. The animals are still alive after they skin them and it’s so horrible.

I feel like earth isn’t saveable at this point. The pollution and greenhouse gasses is getting to the point of no return.


If I saw someone doing that, I WILL DESTROY THEM. They aren’t even humans at this point. I don’t care if I can call the police or whatever. They need to pay for their actions and I am happy to be the one to do the honors.

WHAT THE F___!? How can any human be that cruel? Imagine the pain… I dunno if I should search that, but I think I will.

Well the Earth itself will be fine, but if humans go extinct it’s their fault. I will be an angry ghost.


Yep, it’s our own fault. Mostly America’s and other 1st world countries fault.
Americans are the biggest consumers and also the most overweight. Im American but I’m a bit disappointed in my country. I kinda hope the world explodes but there are still things I like about it.

I’m glad someone else agrees with me, It’s annoying when people don’t even care about the environment and stuff.

If you do look that up expect to be mentally scarred, I was.


Mentally scarred?
I probably will be.

I have to go to bed now though bye.


Bye bye :vulcan_salute:t3:


•I hate people misuse AAVE, making it cringey :confounded:

•Depending on how you use it calling someone Sis, hun can be disrespectful

•A lot of people think being ”mean” on social media (include on the forums) is edgy and cute. :speaking_head: if you don’t act that way in real life then don’t do it online.

•Black =/= African American. I HATE when people say ”i don’t call people black call them African American” so when you see a black Jamaican person you call them African American?

As someone with loose curls The natural hair movement was taken over by girls with looser curls, curls which are always deemed as more acceptable and aesthetically pleasing to society. A movement made to teach girls with tighter curls to love their natural hair was taken over by girls who PROBABLY never hated their hair

•If your family is toxic it is PERFECTLY FINE to cut ties with them. You have no obligation to keep toxic people in your space.

•Americans/English speaking people have to understand that English isn’t everyone’s first language. Y’all make fun of people for not knowing/learning English but have been taking Spanish/French since middle school and still don’t know how to say a full sentence in Spanish/French.


Depends on the pie tbh