Unpopular Opinions!


Hey, everyone!

I want to say some unpopular opinions. Also, I want to know your unpopular opinions!
So comment if you want to!
My unpopular opinions are:

  1. I think that the movie: The Kissing Booth is overrated.
  2. The Neighbourhood is underrated, their music is so good!
  3. Superwoman isn’t funny anymore. Her old videos were good.
  4. Ruelle is underrated. Her music is fantastic!
    5)There should be more POC characters written in books and in Episode!
  5. I don’t like Emma Chamberlain.
  6. Taylor Swift isn’t problematic.
  7. I didn’t like the second season of Thirteen Reasons why.
  8. Snapchat Streaks are pointless.
  9. Fries > Pizza

So, what are your unpopular opinions? :slight_smile:


Bad boy/mafia/gang stories aren’t all bad :smiley:


True some aren’t :slight_smile:


I like CC in episode stories

Uh i loathe 13 reasons why

We need more mental health stories(personally CC and non CC variations) tht are done good

Theres nothing wrong wth being
shy/introverted/akaward it doesnt need to be fixed(making ppl be outgoing)

Genderbending tropes still makes them cliches

Episodes needs more focus on POC

Most stories on episodes(ive seen) are the same concept


(edited to combine/revise my posts + add in new things i thought of)

  • I’m also not a fan of Emma lmao
  • Halsey and Beyonce are overrated
  • Cats > dogs
  • Pineapple DOES belong on pizza, and it SLAPS
  • I’ll never understand why people obsess over designer brands. Imo, paying 5,000+ dollars for a purse or pair of shoes just seems crazy and unethical :woman_shrugging:
  • Cole Sprouse isn’t that attractive (at least to me) and I’m not really a fan of his acting
  • Herman Tømmeraas is too damn underrated (here in the US) and too damn fine and is magnitudes better than Cole
  • Coffee > tea
  • What everyone else has already said about k-pop


I kinda like Riverdale, but the dialogue is sometimes cringry. And yeah I agree with that designer and Beyoncé. I like one song of Halsey and that is Gasoline. I prefer Cats also


Watch me get a bunch of hate.

I think chocolate tastes bad.


If you want a book read ‘The Skin I’m In’ By Sharon Flake (Not an episode story.)


It’s okay. Your opinion ;p


Oh, where can I read it then? :slight_smile:


I think trollers are funny sometimes (depending on what they do.)


On iBook or buy it…


Lol, at the moment I’m broke :stuck_out_tongue:


Here are a few of mine:

  • K-Pop and J-Pop is extremely overrated and some super fans really need to chill
  • Avacados tastes gross
  • Classic isn’t that bad
  • Breakfast sausage tastes gross
  • Tofu doesn’t taste bad (and it’s fun to squish lmao)
  • I don’t like the beach
  • Most EDM isn’t that good
  • Halloween is by far the best holiday
    This is all I can think of at the moment

  • I also love Ruelle, especially thanks to the Shadowhunters TV show (I stopped watching it to read the second serie of books, but okay)
  • Still remaining on the theme of Shadowhunters, Livvy deserved more attention in the books before (BIG SPOILER FROM THE END OF LORD OF SHADOWS) her death
  • Spotlight can be really nice, if you can use it well.
  • I don’t like Stranger Things and Tirtheen Reasons Why
  • Dragon Age 2 is a nice game.
  • I DON’T LIKE THE BEATLES Please don’t kill me, I’m young
  • BTS are overrated.
  • I like rainy days.
  • Flies, lizard and geeks are cute.
  • I don’t really like Family Guy, Bryan and Stewie are the only thing I like about it.
  • Fall Out Boy still produce good music.

If I have anything else in mind, I’ll come back here-


I like Fall Out Boy and sometimes I do like rainy days. I’m glad that you know Ruelle too :heart:


shameless self promo…my story tackles a lot of mental health and POC (the MC is light-skinned/black)


I LOVE bad boys

  1. Clexa > Bellarke
  2. I don’t understand that Tana Mongeau still has followers? She lies all the time.
  3. Everything, Everything-> The book was good, but the movie sucked.
  4. Princess Diana’s death wasn’t an accident. Charles and the queen Elizabeth give me the creeps…
  5. I believe in the Mandela Effect


I don’t know what to feel with James Charles. I kinda like him and sometimes I don’t XD