Unpopular Opinions!


A friend of mine recommended The Get Down, I haven’t seen it yet though. But I get the vibe that I should? haha

  • I don’t like Stranger Things

  • Most pop music hits are extremely terrible

  • People make way too big deals out of any little things that happen in celebrities’ lives

  • Bananas are awful

  • People whine too much about spiders (just use a tissue to pick it up and then flush it in the toilet, my dad taught me this like 10 years ago)

  • Women don’t always know how to treat their boyfriends fairly

  • Women make unfair assumptions about men and make them look really bad when talking about them


I agree with you!

  1. Pineapple on pizzas aren’t that bad

  2. Skittles taste so gross

  3. I dislike INK

4)Folding the corners of a page is the worst thing someone could do to a book

  1. Marilyn Manson is adorable

  2. The new indie/rock bands nowadays aren’t even real indie/rock

  3. Dark chocolate is delicious

  4. Piercings/tattoos are damn attractive

  5. Looking after yourself and trying to love yourself is never a selfish thing

  6. Tumblr is boring

  7. Those long- never ending animes (like One Piece and Naruto) are boring and hard to catch up.

  8. Not every adult is wise and mature

  9. Wearing Metallica/Nirvana shirts (when you have no clue who they are) don’t make you look cool


  11. Last but not least, Soda is so gross. Iced tea all the way


Rock music nowadays is still good =]


I kinda prefer Wattpad over Episode XD


He really is finally someone who agrees


He is a god.


Y e s .


Gracias amigo.


@Stargazer54 i know this is very very late. but i just saw this thread
I agree with every. Single. Thing. You. said. There!! Lolll :joy:


What does this stand for


People of color


i dont get why beyonce is so hyped, like she is just a singer ???




wow lmaooo didn’t think someone would agree


I like her older songs. Plus, I also feel like she lowkey used Destiny’s Child for fame…




I love all of my fellow intellectuals :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::relieved:


The most horror films these days aren’t even scary.
That’s is my unpopular opinion lol.


Most are just gore fests