Unpublish abandon stories

Episode has 4 billion (million?) stories which some are left in the dust. If a story had been inactive for a long time and is not marked completed or otherwise. Either by author inactivity or last reader activity.

The story should be automatically unpublished. An inactive story collects dust and the rating drops regardless. They can keep their reads, but if no user is viewing it why keep it? Why keep it stuffed in the app or in a genre?

plus, a lot of old stories that collect dust can sometimes be problematic in the code itself if not updated after a long time. (if the problem persist after clearing cache.)

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Sorry but I don’t think it’s a great idea !

For what reason?

I think that if authors could remover their own story, around 20% of the stories in the app will be gone within 24 hours. Many authors have a story they are kind of ashamed of. Because it’s too old or cliche or something.
Giving them the option to remove their own creations would help solve this problem.

But episode is like:

At least, that’s what I know.


But alot if people leave episode for a while not really thinking about unpublishing but just leaving and forgetting since episode isn’t their only life.

I think both solutions could work combined.

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To me, this is a dubble edged sword.

As a reader I agree. I have stories I’m reading that’s unfinished and hasn’t been updated in a looong looong time and I start to wonder if they ever will. But I like them and I don’t want to miss it if they are continued to see how they’ll end - so I keep them around, being in the way and collecting dust.
The writer should get a warning that Episode will remove it within a timeframe - say ex three or even six months - and then have a chance to update or unpublish it themselves.

As a writer - I don’t!
I know how much work you put into creating a story and how long time it can take. Especially if the story is created from completely new material for each episode and not already a finished written script.
It’s much better if as Daisy_stories suggested - the writer him-/herself can choose to remove it from the published stories/unpublish it. That should be every writers own prerogative.

One thing that is clear is that we need some way to unpublish/delete stories we don’t want any more, both as readers and as writers…


That I agree but deleting without the writer’s approval is horrible because we put a lot of our time to write and if it’s deleted then all of our work would have been for nothing … then again I agree that there should be a warning that appears in the mail of the writer if their story hasn’t changed for 6 months they should have 2 months max to publish it or have a chance to delete it !


I agree. if they ignore the warning then Episode must have some right to unpublish it themselves. Kind of like they’re closing threads here on the the forum.
Technically the work would still be there, just unpublished. You/The writer should be able to republish it any time you want, I think. And of course it should, somehow be able to keep count on how many reads it had before unpublishing. Maybe there could be an extra republished shelf or something on the app?


Yeah … SUPPORT !

You can actually remove your published stories. you have had that ability for almost a half year

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I don’t see the difference, just agreeing with a written version of what I posted. Kind of rude not to answer the op’s question, but whatever.

There is no double edge sword. If the reader activity has a unreasonably long date… Unpublished.
They’re shouldn’t be a justification on a book no one’s going to read with no updates. Unless completed or having a high reader count. **(Maybe around 5k and up?)

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But just let me ask : why does those story bother you ?

It’s not a bother. More like a clean out. One example is the weird algorithm. Some people have already ask. How does one read in a current story JUMP your story hundreds of ranks up in a genre. Really feels like your putting in that work huh?
You’re not. You’re merely jumping over inactive stories and stories that have the same or lower read found but it was inactive for so long.
Even those these reads glitch through app and portal. Unpublishing most of the inactive or unattentive stories could create a better algorithm. IMO

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I only know you can hide them from your profile and achieve them. How can you delete them? :hugs:

same way

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