Unpublished story SCARS - honest reviews ONLY!

Looking for an honest review!
Also, Proofreader NEEDED!


I’m working hard on my new episode story Scars, written in LL. That’s why before the publishing I want someone (who doesn’t know me) to take a look. So far, I finished two episodes.

What do I want?
Just like in the topic, I need an honest review, I don’t mind bitchy one too.

If you are not sure - to do it or not… Just check this:

Episode one

Episode two


The past created who she is right now. Life never goes easy on her. That’s why she became so ruthless to everyone she’s ever met.

DM me here for a link
Or by Instagram eve.episide1


It is NOT read for read thread!


I don’t know about the description tbh?

What do you mean?:thinking:

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