Unrealistic Opinions on Stories

Hey, I just wanted to make this because I have been seeing this a lot and I feel like a lot of us have unrealistic opinions on stories.

I think we forget miscommunication does happen in relationships, If someone is already insecure then see their LI with someone who they think is prettier or their ex, of course the insecure person is going to leave because they are hurt.

Jealous ex’s are a real thing. Maybe he/she wasn’t ready to break up yet then sees the MC moving on with life and gets jealous. We can’t all be friends with our ex but yes some people are. Yes people really do cheat with your sister, best friends, mom, aunts, uncles, etc. Parents do die in tragic accidents leaving main characters alone, some parents get divorced, some stay together, some people are scared to fall in love, some fall hard and fast without a second thought, some pregnant people have the worst mood swings and cravings you have ever seen while some pregnant people are as cool as a cucumber, some people are born rich, some people like their boss, etc.

I just really feel like when we are reading episodes some of us get so caught up and forget that the characters are their own people. With their own opinions and just because you wouldn’t do it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to others. Yes you may see it a lot but that doesn’t make it unrealistic to happen in the real world.


I think what most people dislike when it comes to episode stories is that those elements you mention are often portrayed very poorly and used as a bad plot devices :

The cliche jealous ex becoming an antagonist with no other purpose/character traits. The MC’s/LIs dead parents to gain some pity points. Miscommunication is often used just to add some drama in the relationship between the MC and the LI ; but I have yet to see a story that calls out the MC’s insecurity and adresses how toxic it can be for their partner.

I think that’s what people tend to criticize ; not that these things are unrealistic and wouldn’t happen in real life, but that they’re portrayed in an unrealistic or toxic way just to add some drama.


Not like people think these things don’t happen. It’s just annoying as hell and overused. :woman_shrugging:

Hey I see what you are saying, but at the same time I see a lot of people complaining “it’s unrealistic” “that doesn’t/wouldn’t happen in real life.”, etc.

Also I’m going to have to disagree with you. Most of the time when I see miscommunication being used it usually flows with what the main characters personality is like. The person had the ex they just couldn’t over, met the MC moved on then the ex pop up or the MC is a shy girl LI is a player she sees him with another girl and leaves. Also at the end of the day, it is a story so I do expect some things to be overhyped for drama purposes like in movies.

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Yes I agree somethings are overused. But it’s annoying when people are constantly complaining about these things but continue to read the stories. Also it’s very hard to write things that aren’t a little cliche because there are so many stories.

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Welp, it is what is. Nothing about that will change.

Your example sounds very specific lol, but I get what you mean. As a general trope, miscommunication can be explained and justified, but that’s not the issue ; I believe the real issue lies in the fact that it’s overused and a very cheap way to bring some conflict (and often poorly written). Cliches are not inherently bad, unless you write them well or reverse them to surprise your reader (miscommunication used in a comedy genre can be hilarious).

Anyway, people will always find something to complain, there’s not much we can do about that.

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This is so true. If it’s not the plot is customization, etc. etc.

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