Unscramble the word above!


Hey! I thought of a game and I think it might be a flop!

Basically, someone will start off and say what genre the word is, like a movie or book, or episode story, etc, then write your answer all scrambled up.


PERSON1: It’s a movie! ncittai

PERSON2: Titanic!

It’s a singer! Ylorat tfswi

Get it? I’ll start.

It’s an actor: orlendoa cdipaoir


Leonardo DiCaprio

Emo/Singer-of-band/Princess: nodnerb riue


brendon urie


what is your word in relation to?


Oh I was just replying to another one


oh okay, but now you have to make a word


okay sorry
It’s a movie
ithnamger orbefe hisrmtcsa


Nightmare Before Christmas

TV Show: flsenied



Actor: anry odynsrle


ryan reynolds

company: skdamwreo



Youtuber: pliiph acefodrn


Philip DeFranco

Flower: nsctrmhaehmyu



Movie: tho zuzf


Hot Fuzz

Cartoon: hte misnssop


The Simpsons

Element: Runumai



Superpower: mtei aiimtlnnapuo


Time Manipulation

Book: ereng ydsa yb het vrier


Ergen syde by the river? I really have no clue

Its a drink: pysic airamtarg


i think it was green days by the river


Well your version definitely sounds better :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: