Unsure of what style to use

I can’t choose between Ink and Limelight


  • More clothing options
  • More character feature options


  • Not as many newer behaviours as Limelight
  • Older Style


  • Newer Style
  • More variety in behaviours.
  • Female hair styles are nicer.


  • Not enough clothing options
  • Male hair styles could have a better variety
  • Female & Male features could have a better variety
  • Ink
  • Limelight

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Thanks for the votes guys!

I heard a lot of ppl said Ink is easier to direct and add overlays. But I still prefer Limelight a bit more bcuz LL female looks nice. If your story have a lot of characters and you’re a newbie, I’d recommend Ink. However, the decision is still up to you :wink:


ink is more easier and i am saying this by my personal experience. first i started my story in limelight but when i started writing the second chapter i observes that i takes more time and large script space but now i am writing in ink an i am feeling it more easy to write my story script…
but the final decision is on you only…choose what you like…

inks are the best tbh for now.
But hey limelight is gradually getting better too!
it is indeed hard to choose.

I know how you feel, the struggle is real lol :joy:

I personally think it’s the same level of difficulty in both styles :woman_shrugging:t4:
how does it take more script space? both of them have the same commands, nothing fancy
the only difference would be that LL’s animations have longer names


personally, I prefer LL bcs there are more amazing outfits, and I think the characters look better in LL, not in INK. :grin:
just my opinion

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I think Ink is better because it got many clothes and you can see difference between characters but in limelight they look the same, so is difficult customize it

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:heart: warning: I’m really salty and I’m just expressing my opinion :heart:

I’ve read so many INK stories that now I think that INK characters look the same, not the other way around :woman_shrugging:t4:

I mean, almost EVERY girl in INK has either beach waves or straight hair (sometimes diva curls), upturned feline/upturned bold eyes and round thick/classic lips and an elven nose. INK girls in a nutshell haha
for guys, pompadour/spiky-ish hair, button nose (99% of cases), smirk/uneven mouth and defined triangle face (studded for older misters). have I mentioned that they (almost) always have blue eyes?

yes, there are characters with different details as the one stated above, but these are the most common ones I’ve seen. have you seen a lot of dudes with manbuns in INK? omg manbuns are so underrated I love them nope. unless it’s a bad boy! yeah, everyone loooves bad boys

as for LL, I think there’s more diversity. have you seen how many skin tones are out there? we even have blue and green skin tones. blue and green. yeah. also, more mouth colors!
not to mention that LL has a variety of hair colors AND actually brown colors. INK’s chestnut brown is pretty sad actually, I would consider it red.

yes, yes, LL guys have baby faces and may look similar for now but I hope freckles/beards will be implemented soon!

but meh, I guess INK is better if you want your story to contain a lot of outfits :woman_shrugging:t4:


In INK you can customize and choose how you want to be so you could put other characteristics if you want and you will see the changes but if you customize in limelight the faces still look similar :thinking:

I agree with you on that. Design-wise, Limelight is so much better.

Yea, I have to agree with you, @nemimutt


Thanks to everyone who voted :slight_smile:

Did you pick a style? :slight_smile:

Yup I went with Ink :slight_smile:

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Nice! Happy to see this thread helped you out, closing as it seems your question’s been resolved :slight_smile:

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