Unsure on style anymore

Ok so, I’ve got major writers block at the moment so my story hasn’t really begun. I am wanting to get back into writing it but not sure what to do regarding style.

I’m loving the new features for limelight (but clothing selections are still a tad limited).

I’ve started my story in Ink but wondering if I should stop and write in limelight or do both ink first then limelight.

A lot of people actually do Ink and then Limelight. But it’s really up to you. How do YOU want to see the characters? When you write, how do you imagine the characters? those questions might help you find the answer :grin:

I want them both that’s my issue lol

there is a way to include both styles in one story… i think

You can do all in 1 story. That way it is easier to pick and choose.

They are all similar …the codes and commands. Except their animations vary. Thats all. So its actually quite easy and you can pick it up fast.

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But is that even allowed?

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I’ve never done it but I’ve read stories that have it

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I’ll have to investigate

Well… this is only because of a glitch… so if you wanna risk your story getting very glitched… Yeah… I wouldn’t recommend it

To have more than one style in a story, it’s very interesting. I don’t actually know how to do it, but I know someone who does. OD you want me to ask them?


People are saying there are stories they read so I’m assuming you can. I don’t plan on doing this though seems weird to do