Untrue and Fake Answers

Hi! This game is for asking and answering questions but u must tell a fake answer.
A: Who r u?
B: I am C (Lie)
R u sitting?
C: No. (Lie)
Do u like Blue?

And so on…
It can be any answer or question u like.
Hope u have fun!

Use the question that C asked.


No. I hate blue.
Do you like doing sport?

No. It’s very tiring.
Do u like the letter A or the letter B more?

No I like B more
Do you like episode?

No It’s so cliche (totally a lie. I love Episode)
Do u prefer instagram or facebook?

I prefer instagram :smile:
Do you like writing stories?

Do u like fantasy stories?

No, hate 'em… :smirk:
Do you like reading?

Have u ever coded?

What’s your real name?

What’s your most not favorite number?

What’s your favorite color?

Orange cuz its a fruit’s name
R u a girl?

Yeah. Lol kidding, NO!
Are you a dog?

Yes Well, no but u can also count the 12 animals? For the years? Do u get it? That’s a looot of questions. :roll_eyes:

Do u like ice-cream?

No!!! And I don’t undersand. Get it? Cause it’s the game? Yeah…
Is Math your favorite class?

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Noooo. I actually love math, it’s my fav subject.
Can you cook?

Are you a queen? :joy:

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Yasss. I rule the whole world (my geography is bad bad bad)

Do u learn clarinet?

Can you make a cover?