Untrue and Fake Answers

I hate them, i would never eat a pizza with mushrooms

Could you live without your phone?

Of course! I don’t even like it!

Do you hate everyone? :thinking:

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I dont. My boyfriend doesn’t call me little monkey!

Do you like anime?

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Do you have a mustache?

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Do you prefer the old emojis over the new ones?

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do you think global warming is actually real?

lolol i had to

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Yes 100%

Have you ever had a fake friend?

Nope, never!

Have you ever cheated on a test?

Yes like all the time!

Do you like watching tv?

Yes! It’s not boring at all!!!

Do you lick your right foot toe for fun?


I’m a jelly donut

Of course! It’s my favorite way to spend a Friday night

Do you prefer books or movies?

Movies, they’re so much fun.

Do you have a secret porn stash?

I’m a jelly donut

Well duh

Do you study a lot?

What’s your favorite thing to do?

Definitely not eating food.

Are you sarcastic?

Noooo not at all!

Is summer your favorite season?

Totally love everything about it! Except my birthday hate that day!

Do you want snacks right now?

Duh, I do! I’m feeling so hungry!

Do you like milkshakes?