Untrue and Fake Answers

I dont. My boyfriend doesn’t call me little monkey!

Do you like anime?

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Do you have a mustache?

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Do you prefer the old emojis over the new ones?

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do you think global warming is actually real?

lolol i had to

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Yes 100%

Have you ever had a fake friend?

Yes like all the time!

Do you like watching tv?

Yes! It’s not boring at all!!!

Do you lick your right foot toe for fun?


I’m a jelly donut

Of course! It’s my favorite way to spend a Friday night

Do you prefer books or movies?

Movies, they’re so much fun.

Do you have a secret porn stash?

I’m a jelly donut

Well duh

Do you study a lot?

What’s your favorite thing to do?

Definitely not eating food.

Are you sarcastic?

Noooo not at all!

Is summer your favorite season?

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Totally love everything about it! Except my birthday hate that day!

Do you want snacks right now?

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Duh, I do! I’m feeling so hungry!

Do you like milkshakes?

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Yes, love them :drooling_face:

What is your favourite colour?

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Definitely burnt orange or puke green!

What’s your favorite Episode genre?

Not comedy. The stories never make me laugh.

Fav topic?