Up for the challenge? Need a cover

Hey all,

So I need a cover for my story ‘A Royal Mistake’

I have the general idea of what I’m going for buttttt… It’s kinda hard :thinking:
So if your up for the challenge than keep reading:

So I want the MC sitting on the love interests lap. There on this purple seat thingy… I’ll link the photos at the end. So yeah and I kinda want her to like play with his crown?.. Like hold it above his head or something… Yeah and the title to be on this purple mist stuff;

These are the characters… I want them in these outfits but obviously not as stiff :wink: lol I’m weird… sorry. Any who,

These kind of poses? But there looking at each other and she’s playing with his crown like I said before.


This is the background, title and mist thingy. I want the background a little bit blurry so the focus is on the characters more and the title and mist to be on the right hand corner.

If anyone needs more details I’ll be happy to explain better.
Thank you xx