Upcoming story (Bad Reputation)

As you know Bad News got removed for sexual references and what not, but now I’ve been writing a new story call Bad Reputation, I’ve been extremely careful to stick with guidelines and I’m looking forward to get this published before Christmas!

For those who loved BN before it got removed, the characters are still the same as well as their personalities but the storyline is different!

The story is still cc but it’s limited for Dante and MC, everything is cc except their skin colour due to the overlays I use.

Here I’ve attached a picture of my large cover which was created by @daddywrites you’ll find her on IG. There will be 2 love interests in which you’ll get to choose who you’d like to be with at the end. The one love interest is cc however the 2nd isn’t. I’ve written out chapter 1 the story is in with the cc and I’m currently in the middle of writing out chapter 2(I just hope you enjoy this story)

Description: Instead of having girls throwing themselves at his feet, Dante would much rather have a certain beauty…also known as you. But being as stubborn as he is he denies any kind of feeling he has for you…that’s until Chad steps foot onto the grounds automatically catching your eye. With Chad being competition, Dante realises there’s no time to play around no more he needs to start playing his cards right. Will Chad win your heart all together or will it be Dante??


I didn’t think Bad News was that bad but it was super funny. I look forward to your redone story.

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episodes 4 working on 5